OnePlus 12 premiere on December 4, 2023. What about Poland?

OnePlus 12 premiere on December 4, 2023. What about Poland?
OnePlus 12 premiere on December 4, 2023. What about Poland?

The official launch date of OnePlus 12 has been officially announced. The flagship will debut in early December 2023. When is the Polish premiere of the top smartphone with a capacious battery and an intriguing camera?

  • The manufacturer announced the official release date OnePlus 12.
  • The smartphone tempts with its diagonal, screen quality and capacious battery.
  • The Polish premiere is just a matter of a few months away.

OnePlus 12 with official premiere on December 4, 2023

OnePlus 12 will be an anniversary beast for the manufacturer. For me, it’s been 10 years since I had OnePlus One, my first flagship. I have high expectations for the new model and they are only partially driven by sentiment towards the original. Now we officially know that OnePlus 12 will officially debut on December 4. This is, of course, the date of the Chinese premiere. I expect it in Poland in spring.

OnePlus 12 release date / manufacturer’s photo

Why does the OnePlus 12 excite me so much? First of all, I’m curious what Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 can actually do. Secondly, it’s the first “civilian” flagship with such a large battery. These 5400 mAh probably won’t make much of a difference if the screen gets bigger. OnePlus 12 will probably be beyond the comfort limit of most. However, these 6.82″ are a dream for a mobile gamer – me.

A large group of users are probably more excited about the camera. The main 48 MP from Sony with new technology, 64 MP telephoto lens and 48 MP wide angle arouse the imagination. Dear OnePlus, I only have one request. Could a version with a leather back panel finally come to Poland? Thank you in advance.


With such high specifications, the obvious rival for OnePlus 12 is the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Want to know what it looks like in real life? Everything will become clear after reading the entry below.

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