Low price, 100 thousand. players at the same time and overwhelmingly positive feedback; Lethal Company has conquered Steam

November 20, 2023, 12:46 pm

author: Zuzanna “ZuzoliK” Domeradzka

The inconspicuous game Lethal Company turned out to be extremely popular – the record for activity on Steam is over 100,000 concurrent players. What is the secret of this survival horror phenomenon?

Last month, a cooperative survival horror game called Lethal Company was released in early access on Steam. Perhaps for some people, at first glance, this game published by one independent developer does not seem interesting. However, thousands of players liked the production’s premise, which is why Lethal Company it became a hit.

At its peak, over 115,000 people played the game simultaneously (via SteamDB). This activity record was achieved only a few hours ago. In addition Lethal Company is very well rated by players – out of over 20,000 opinions, as many as 97% are positive.

Source: SteamDB

What makes so many people decide to play this inconspicuous-looking game? One of the factors is the low price Lethal Company – the title costs PLN 45.99. Moreover, the game places great emphasis on cooperation (a team of scrappers can consist of a maximum of four people), so it is an ideal option to spend time with a group of friends who will traverse scary areas together.


The main goal of players in Lethal Company is to collect scrap – you need to obtain the amount of money set by the Company in order to survive. However, the task is complicated by the fact that dangerous monsters lurk on the surfaces of the moons and must be avoided. Everyone knows there’s nothing better than exploring scary locations in a group. However, one crew member can remain on the ship to direct the rest of the scrappers and, for example, unlock access to closed doors.

The nature of the game Lethal Company makes the game an ideal material for streamers and YouTubers who often react too emotionally. Thanks to players shouting on the Internet, another horror production with a quite similar premise, Phasmophobia, gained popularity (although in this title you have to guard against ghosts, not clever creatures).

Creator Lethal Company plans to release further updates that will not only fix various bugs, but also add new monsters, items for purchase and improvements to the game. The production is scheduled to be in early access for about half a year, and the full version of the title will be richer in content.

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