Marcinkiewicz’s beloved revealed how they met. A story like from a movie

Marcinkiewicz’s beloved revealed how they met. A story like from a movie
Marcinkiewicz’s beloved revealed how they met. A story like from a movie

Marcinkiewicz’s new partner protects her privacy. Little is known about her, including: that she is much younger than the politician. The couple has been dating for several months, but they have not yet appeared at any public events together.

The former prime minister has had several failed relationships and has not yet been able to find happiness in love. Marcinkiewicz was married twice. The first marriage, to Maria Marcinkiewicz, ended in 2009. The couple had four children together.

In August 2009, Marcinkiewicz got married for the second time. Unfortunately, this marriage did not last. In 2018, the politician divorced Izabela Olchowicz after long court battles. Since then, Marcinkiewicz has tried to keep private matters, especially trade union matters, to himself. Only a few months ago he showed off his new lover.

Marcinkiewicz’s partner revealed on Instagram how they met

Although Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz and Martyna Kinastrowska try to keep their relationship away from the media, they are both active on social media from time to time. Both the politician and his partner have no problems with publicly confessing their feelings and revealing some details of their lives.

Recently, Kinastrowska answered her followers a little more about how she met Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz. “Interesting people, you often ask how and where we met. We met by accident in Warsaw in Hala Koszyki. We had separate business meetings in the same restaurant and we couldn’t take our eyes off each other. We still can’t,” she revealed.

She also emphasized that “there will be a continuation”, so it can be expected that she will reveal more details about their relationship in the future. Marcinkiewicz replied to Martyna’s InstaStories, shared her story and added a romantic caption: “Oh, these multi-colored eyes, the most beautiful. Obviously, I can’t take my eyes off them (editor’s note).”


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