Cyberpunk 2077 – implant cost limit: how it works and how to increase it


From update 2.0, v Cyberpunk 2077 you can install only as many implants as you can afford limit on the cost of implants. On this page we will tell you what this system is and how to increase your tail. limit, być couldł developed even more tail;ć your tail postć.

On this page:

How does the implant limit work?

When you go to the implants menu in the character menu or in any RippedRok, you will see a yellow indicator on the left.  this number and the lines show the tail; your current level of consumption of implants limit (1)the number next to the padlock is current limit (2), and above that they find the tail; się values ​​unattainable for your character.

Each implant has a specific cost in implant points, and the sum of the costs of all your implants can reach a certain cost in implant points. maximum yesą tail number, like tail number is your limit. The cost of the implant in points is shown The yellow-stroked number next to the six-tailed icon (3) on the implant card. When you point your cursor at whatś implant at ripperdoc, you can also see on the left green&tail; visualizationę (4) tail of the limit points occupied by him.

  • By default, you cannot exceed the current upper limit of the limit points – if the points from the new implant do not fit the tail; się in the limit, you just have to give it upć or deleteąć whatś implant to save your tail points. The limit will be reached however, the tail became larger.
  • The better the implant class, the higher its cost in points.

How to increase the tail size limit of implants

The limit increases and the tail increases. “naturally” when you gain further levels of character development. In other words, the longer the length, the greater the tail. already˙ in Cyberpunk 2077, the more tail implants you can use. installć.

Limit increases tail increases tail these˙ splinters of implant limit. These are one-time items that provide… immediate and lasting bonuses once you pick them up. There is just a sliver of lift in the image below, but these items look like a tail. właśnot like that. Most often, you will find them in the bodies of defeated enemies and drops in Dogtown.


The splinter of the implant limit looks identical

If you base your character’s development largely on implants, you should interestingć się the following two advantages. You will find both in the Technical Abilities category.

  • H+ – adds 4 points to the implant cost cap for each Attribute developed to at least level 9.

  • Edgerunner – allows you to exceed the cost limit of implants by 50 points at the cost of losing 0.5% of your maximum health for each point above the limit.

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