Karlach from Baldur’s Gate 3 knows he’s in a video game and will let you know if you’re lucky

Karlach from Baldur’s Gate 3 knows he’s in a video game and will let you know if you’re lucky
Karlach from Baldur’s Gate 3 knows he’s in a video game and will let you know if you’re lucky

A good heart and a unique design make Karlach an undeniable favorite of gamers Baldur’s Gate 3. This smiling devil managed to steal the hearts not only of the community, but also of the rest of her companions – even Wyll, who was not very fond of her at the beginning. And it looks like she did another universally beloved thing among fans. Namely, she broke the fourth wall.

Hellish self-awareness

A Twitter user known as Chubblot came across the trail he dug up a previously unknown dialogue with Karlach. The conversation presented below takes place at the end of the main plot, when the companion wants to test the newly learned lie detection technique on the protagonist.

If we agree to be a guinea pig, Karlach will turn towards the player’s camera and begins a disturbing-sounding sequence of words that may result in one thing: the she-devil is aware of being in a computer game.

Tell me, do you know how it all ends? You, me, this adventure?

During the dialogue, Karlach asks the player questions referring to his previous experiences with the world BG3to which we can answer in various ways – regardless of the answer, my companion comments at the end that envies our freedom because it will remain trapped forever “in hundreds of hours or so”.

All of this is, of course, a reference to the length of the game itself, which – if you create more than one hero – can take that long to complete. When the monologue comes to an end, Karlach returns to his happy self and seems to have no memory of the entire incident.

We will know the truth in due time

The comments under the tweet and the YouTube video show that players were unaware of the existence of such a scene – this, in turn, led to the theory that breaking the fourth wall was only possible with a subsequent approach to BG3. Some still believe that Larian Studios decided to remove the dialogue, which can still be extracted from the files.

Doubts are dispelled by Samantha Beart, the actress who voices Karlach. In response to Chubblot’s tweet, he confirms that the scene is unlockable in the game – it just hasn’t been discovered through the normal means yet.

Congratulations on your find. It’s possible that I’ll say something more about this when someone naturally unlocks this scene (i.e. doesn’t dig through the files without context)…


-Samantha Beart

If you believe the actress’ words, it is only a matter of time before you actually encounter the above conversation. Then we will find out whether Karlach is actually directing his words directly to the person on the other side of the screen. Meanwhile, fans have a new reason to think and joke.

When you roll a natural Perception 20 and accidentally see beyond the layers of your reality.


Imagine starting a new game after that conversation with Karlach, and she greets you with, “Oh, you’re half-orc this time?”


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