A Diablo 4 player has “found” single player mode. All you had to do was wait until the servers were empty


What’s happening with Diablo 4? One of the most important releases of 2023, which, according to Blizzard, was supposed to be a “game for years”, seems to be losing players at a rapid pace just a few months after its premiere.

We recently reported that the fourth Imp does a terrible job of keeping viewers’ attention during streams. According to data from Twitch, streams from Diablo 4 were 99th most popular.

If you believe the Twitch Tracker website, Blizzard’s production takes the honorable 189th (sic!) place, a it is overtaken by streams from games such as Dark Souls III (released in 2015), Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice (2019), and even… Diablo 3released over a decade ago.

It turns out that when it comes to activity on servers, it can be similarly bad, as shown by the example of one of the Reddit users.

We have a single player in Diablo 4

A post by user eazy937 has recently become very popular on r/diablo4. He jokingly commented on the empty servers: “I think we’ve discovered the single player mode.” Below he posted 5 screenshots from the city of Ked Bardu, which is one of the largest HUBs in the game.

The city is empty, and apart from the NPCs, eazy937 was the only person on the map:

Source: Reddit – eazy937


Source: Reddit – eazy937

A Diablo 4 player has

Source: Reddit – eazy937

In the comments, of course, many people began to announce “death” Diablo 4pointing out Blizzard’s incompetence in game management, lack of interesting content and many other sins that have been talked about in recent weeks and months.

Some also recall that at the beginning of September, players’ attention was directed to two huge premieres that they overshadowed Diablo 4Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield.

Of course, the situation presented by the reddit user is an extreme case and probably we can also find in Diablo 4 servers teeming with life (or at least partially filled with players), but these images should certainly be disturbing for developers. It’s better for them that the second season (and subsequent ones) will bring a breath of freshness to bored players.

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