iPhone 15 is a disappointment for Honor’s CEO

iPhone 15 is a disappointment for Honor’s CEO
iPhone 15 is a disappointment for Honor’s CEO

Is iPhone 15 the best and most innovative phone in the world? No, but neither is Honor V Purse. The CEO of the Chinese manufacturer seemed to be a bit carried away. And here it is again.

We recently had the opportunity to test Honor Magic 5 Pro. It’s a great flagship, but it fell short of the title of the best of the best. Just after the premiere of iPhone 15 and just before the debut of Honor V Purse, the CEO of the Chinese manufacturer accuses Apple of disappointment. These are probably a bit too strong words.

Honor’s CEO says that iPhone 15 is nothing interesting

The biggest accusation made against Apple in the statement made by Honor’s CEO is: lack of innovation. In his opinion, massive sales have nothing to do with creating market trends. In his opinion, sticking to one smartphone design without entering the market foldablesit’s stagnation.

HONOR V Purse / manufacturer’s photo

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Well – there is some truth in it, but I cannot completely agree. Honor for the moment is not the market leader foldable smartphones. Their models arrive outside China with considerable delay. Globally, they have not yet made it to the top five.

Let’s get back to Apple. USB-C and the periscope telephoto lens – according to Honor’s CEO – are not actually innovative. They are available in the top models of almost every manufacturer. But what about titanium frame? After all, according to leaks, everyone intends to copy it in 2023.


iPhone 15 Pro / manufacturer’s photo

In my opinion, the CEO’s words have one purpose – to draw attention to the launch of Honor V Purse in a controversial way. Is Honor V Purse innovative? Sure. Is it useful? Absolutely not. Foldable phones with the main screen on the outside are a dead end for me.

Of all the foldable smartphones, this is them least resistant to the passage of time. A fashion accessory for a celebrity? As such, it will work, but even this celebrity will return to his iPhone after the promotion ends.

In contrast to the words of Honor’s CEO, there are numbers and interest in the new iPhone 15. One model in particular is selling extremely well. And it doesn’t matter that it costs as much as a good quality TV.


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