War Thunder players are boycotting the title, and Steam is hiding negative reviews

War Thunder players are boycotting the title, and Steam is hiding negative reviews
War Thunder players are boycotting the title, and Steam is hiding negative reviews

There is a conflict between War Thunder fans and the creators of the game. The bombardment of negative reviews on Steam apparently had the desired effect, but players did not stop there and urged not to boycott the game and not to boycott itć today titlełu.

What’s it about? As describedśweż in our first news,śstudio Gaijin intendsłoć extensive changes in the economy of free production, to an even greater extent slowing down the pace of acquiring virtual currencies – even if you have paid premium accounts.

The players reacted in the only way they know how, and so they bombarded the game. negative reviews on Steam. The divisionłałbecauseż developers at least temporarily withdrewę from the plans, gęhundreds ofę tłthey explained, offered fans the opportunityść to terminate in the survey, and on the official website appealed for “other, less destructive methods” of communication to be found.

It seemed&lstro;someężthat’s whatę will finish. Nothing of that! Theł an automated system on Steam that detects “review bombing” automatically hides all negative reviews in a given period. The Śaverage seen in the store is still “mostly negative”, and user reviews can be foundźć, but only after changing account preferences.

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Być may not be aware of the complexity of the system, the mood of the Reddit community only grows stronger heated up, blaming the creators for trying to hide the facts. Especially, &lstro;a few days earlier&lstro;the company&lstro;in the face of negative reviews&lstro;decided;&lstro; tość unusual step, removing the Steam logo from the main page of the game in the section of hardware platforms.

So it’s time for a boycott, scheduled for today, May 26. “Gaijin się afraid, but łeasilyę won’t give up. Włgivers mustą dojść to the point where, in the long term, the tail becomes more will improveć economyę and keepć increases, niż will alienateć to each other bazę players and riskć a steady uptrend, which is now tailing off; we find” – we read in the response.

Don’t&zdo;probably expectć się wide involvement˙ – fast will not meetł się too much interestbecauseż does not offer a single śfunny picture, only&lstro;ątext. Also, you need to loginć się every day, żso as not to loseć rewards for theągłość. One thing is certain, however – the developers of War Thunder have not appeased the community yet.

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