Nicknames on whatsapp. The revolution we’ve been waiting for for years!


If you thought that this is the end of the revolution that WhatsApp is preparing for us in the near future, then … nothing like this. The platform is preparing another novelty. For many – revolutionary!

Usernames in the WhatsApp ecosystem. Adding friends will be much easier!

Logins, usernames, nicknames – whatever you call it. They are the standard on the Internet – and in many services we have been using them on a daily basis for many years. WhatsApp has been quite conservative in its approach so far. The phone number remained the main identifier within the platform. If you wanted to stay in touch with someone on the platform, the easiest way was to… exchange a number. However, for various reasons – some users did not want to do this. So the alternative was QR codes.

Yet another problem arose here. Anyone who has at least once briefly reviewed the basic security rules knows that scanning QR codes is also not always a good idea. That’s why many people take it seriously. So Meta decided to clean up the topic of her messenger and offer the possibility to create logins there. As a form of identification, they will be 100% sufficient to start a conversation with another user.

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Logins on WhatsApp – the novelty that many have been waiting for!

WhatsApp logins are one of those novelties that the competition has had for years. This is how it works, for example … Telegram. Yes – you can exchange phone numbers there, but if we don’t like it – the login from the platform is completely sufficient. And in the near future, we will also be able to exchange contacts within WhatsApp.


How long will we have to wait for the implementation of new features? We don’t know that yet. However, it is probably a matter of the next few weeks. Still, the fact that one of the latest beta versions ( of the Android software already has the relevant code issues in this topic is a milestone … and thus we know that the creators of the platform are already on the final stretch!

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