A new loudspeaker from Biedronka, which will work at a party


Moevi boombox (source: producer’s press materials)

If you are looking for a cheap loudspeaker that will help you get more than one party going, it is possible that in Biedronka chain stores there is a proposal just for you. The Moevi boombox is already available in the offer. What can this equipment do?

What does the party speaker from Biedronka offer?

The manufacturer of the loudspeaker argues that it will help its users ensure that the music deck is loud enough for events and meetings – both at home and outdoors. In addition, it is to help ensure a party atmosphere membrane with RGB backlight. The design of the device also allows it to be easily transported.

The new Moevi speaker boasts power 60W and the possibility of wireless operation up to 10 meters from the source, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth module. The device is powered by a 7.4 V battery with a capacity of 3600 mAh. There are 4 LEDs on the boombox housing, which indicate the battery charge level when it is turned on.

There are also control elements on the handle, which can be used to carry the loudspeaker. There are exactly 6 buttons that make it possible to operate the device. Just hold down the POWER button for a few seconds to turn the boombox on or off. Playing music is possible not only via Bluetooth, but also via wired connection via AUX mode and the ability to use USB memory. Support includes audio formats such as: MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC.

The boombox independently identifies the connected audio sources and starts playing music from them. With multiple connected sources, you can easily switch between them by briefly pressing the “M” button. In turn, its long-term pressing activates or deactivates the backlight of the side membranes.

A feature that may come in handy

Another additional feature of this speaker is called “TWS” by the manufacturer. However, to use it, it is required to have a second such boombox. The mode allows you to increase the power and volume of the music being played, by pairing an additional device.

To activate it, you need to briefly hold the “TWS” button on one of the speakers – the device will then emit a short sound, initiating the connection. Once the boomboxes are connected successfully, the user will hear another beep.

The equipment is already on sale in the Biedronka chain of stores. Its price was fixed at PLN 199. The speaker will be available while supplies last.

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