Seasons will not extend Diablo 4’s main campaign. Blizzard explains the decision

Seasons will not extend Diablo 4’s main campaign. Blizzard explains the decision
Seasons will not extend Diablo 4’s main campaign. Blizzard explains the decision

Less than two weeks left until the release of Diablo 4, Blizzard has decidedł soęcść whatłaśactually isą seasons and why not wpłyną they on topłmainą fabułę games.

As a reminder: in the spirit of the series, Diablo 4 will be divided into quarterly seasons, a kind of free chapters based on a unique theme. With them will appearą się new items, quests, enemies and most interestingly – unique stories.

However, we are not talking about developing the main thread. As we learnę conversations thatą willł British Eurogamer with director Joe Piepiorą, development of the plot itself is the responsibility ofć będą semi-circular and less frequently released extensions.

We have two different types of post-launch add-ons– saysł Piepior. “Będą quarterly season premieres followed byą się extension packagesń. I’m not going to sayć todayś about the latter, it is important, however, to passć realizeę,że areą they part&egon;śtheą the ecosystem in which we intend to developć grę“.

When weśthink about the plot, we knowżthat we want to continueć building śthe world of Diablo 4 and Sanctuary, but we don’t want to extendć campaigns in seasons, as these would later be mandatory to understand the plot&lstrokesń-śexplainł next.

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In the further part of the conversation,śPiepiora notedł,żthe plot threads of the seasons will be&a&egon;dą centered aroundł the aforementioned leitmotifs. “moą will addć new characters or restoreć these alreadyż known. These are standalone stories set in the śworld of Sanctuary that will be available only through someś time“.

Of course,śextensions will allową on a much widerą explorationę Sanctuary. Seasons offerą ratherłęinvestigationę to specific locations– summarył director. Such a strategy may resembleć a bit of Destiny 2, which the developers seem to się być fully śaware.

Diablo 4 will appearżgonę June 6 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles of both generations. Owners of more expensive special editions will playą a few days earlierśbecauseż June 2. The start of the first season is scheduled for the secondą po&lstrokeę July, so that players have time to completeńć basicą campaignę.

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