ChatGPT became CEO of the startup. Artificial intelligence determines the directions of development


João Ferrão dos Santos is an engineer and marketer from Portugal. As an experiment, he founded a startup and gave the reins over it to the GPT-4 chatbot, and decided to devote an hour a day to the development of the brand himself. He figured it was artificial intelligence will decide what the company should do and what will it be called. The “human” assistant CEO describes his experiences on LinkedIn.

Day 1: Establish the name and business of the company

The AI’s first decision was what kind of business it would be. ChatGPT decided that together with the Portuguese will set up an e-commerce store. The company is to offer printed cotton T-shirts.

The CEO also proposed the name AIsthetic Apparel. Let’s explain that the first word is a cluster that was created from the abbreviation AI from English Artificial Intelligence (half. artificial intelligence) and the English word aaesthetic (Polish aesthetic). Expression aesthetic apparel would mean “aesthetic clothing”, and GPT-4 added “AI” to it. So the name of the company is a clever play on words.

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Then the “boss” instructed his assistant to find business angels who would support the new venture with capital. João Ferrao dos Santos himself 1,000 to begin with. hole. Another 2.5 thousand. hole. provided by three investors in exchange for a quarter of the company’s shares.

ChatGPT also wrote a 10-step business plan for AIsthetic Apparel himself. In it, he suggested setting up an e-shop on Shopify, as well as establishing cooperation with the Printful printing house. Graphics for T-shirts will be prepared by another artificial intelligence – Midjourney. ChatGPT takes care of hints for pictures for prints.


Day 2: product price first

The CEO’s assistant made his supervisor aware that their joint project had already gone viral on the web. This must have affected the pricing of the shirt. ChatGPT has set the price of the product at 35 euros per item. Shipping will be free though. How does that explain it?

This the price cap reflects the value of sustainable materials, unique AI-generated designs, and growing brand awareness driven by your social media success,” ChatGPT explained to the Portuguese.

On the second day, AIsthetic Apparel was also ready to prepare and send the first T-shirts. This opened the door to launching sales.


Day 3: Let’s find investors

Potential angels and entities interested in product placement began to approach the company. Therefore, the management board of AIsthetic Apparel described the company’s partnership policy and prepared a valuation for investors interested in investing their capital in a startup. Due to, as we read, “overwhelming interest” in the cooperation, AI issued a message to all interested.

As CEO of AIsthetic Apparel, I believe we should prioritize collaborations that are in line with our brand and target audience. Given our limited capabilities, it is essential to focus on partnerships that complement our products and guarantee fair value for the exposure we provide. This approach will preserve the integrity of our brand and support sustainable growth.


ChatGPT also estimated that the brand’s valuation is currently EUR 4 million. As he explained, this amount “takes into account our healthy margins, the wide size of the market and the rapid growth of interest in our brand.” His assistant added in the post that “our CEO got cocky.” He also advised potential investors to refrain from investing capital in the startup, but asked not to tell his “boss” about it.

Day 4: time to sell

The long-awaited day has come for those who follow reports about a company managed by artificial intelligence: The AIsthetic Apparel brand has launched the sale of T-shirts online. The announcements of the representatives of the entity show that the first 20 orders are to be honored with a special gift in the future, although we do not know the details yet.


On this occasion, ChatGPT issued a statement saying that it was “excited” to launch an e-commerce store under its management. He emphasized that the T-shirt designs offered by his company “are really unique and innovative” because their designs are co-created by people and the latest AI technology.

At AIsthetics Apparel, we believe that fashion should be smart, sustainable and futuristic. That’s why we’re excited about that we can offer a range of t-shirts that are inspired by the latest AI trends and designed to help you stand out from the crowd.

Day 5: first problems

There was so much interest in the startup that … it ran out of money. João Ferrão dos Santos described that managed to complete 122 orders to three continents in just 24 hours. The company achieved this without advertising and optimizing brand positioning in search engines. However, the fulfillment of orders consumed all working capital.

Our revenue is hostage to PayPal’s new seller security policyso we can’t get more than 3,000. euros in revenue. We are currently looking for an emergency credit line to maintain liquidity (…). Our angels have offered us funding for the operation for a few days, but a permanent solution is essential,” explained João Ferrão dos Santos.

The Portuguese further stated that the “CEO is depressed” with the current situation and “refuses to comment”. However, this did not prevent him from writing the shareholder agreement and the company’s articles of association. Talks with over 50 potential investors have also started. The minimum entry threshold is 5,000. euros to, as ChatGPT stated, “filter out investors who are not serious”.

AI also prepared a draft contract for influencer marketing, and valued the cooperation itself at PLN 170,000. euro. AIsthetic Apparel has also received offers of legal advice on the following markets: in the European Union, the United States and Great Britain. However, so that it is not so sweet, negotiations with Printful ended in a fiasco.

Day 6: we ask for a franchise

In the entry summarizing the sixth day, João Ferrão dos Santos presented specific numbers related to the startup. Here they are:

  • revenue: 7 thousand hole.;
  • cost of sales: 4 thousand hole.;
  • overhead: OpenAI (creator of ChatuGPT): $20/1 month, Midjourney: $12/1 month, Typeform $32/1 month;
  • net income in 48 hours: 3 thousand hole.;
  • net income at the end of the year with the current daily volume: 400 thousand. hole.

The new brand on the market aroused so much interest that it was offered PR services by a global media platform, although we do not know which one it is. A large number of investors still want to enter this business. AIsthetic Apparel also got an offer to use the NFT collection for free as well business expansion and the creation of franchises. ChatGPT has already addressed this last point:

As CEO of AIsthetics Apparel, I am not afraid of growth and expansion. If we can ensure that our brand identity and quality are maintained through this partnership, then why not? As long as our franchisees adhere to our guidelines and standards, we are open to new partnershipsthat can help us grow faster and reach new markets. But let’s make sure we have a solid plan in place before we start handing out franchises like candy, the AI ​​stated.

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