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The Polish Post will teach its employees to shoot

Poczta Polska came up with an unusual idea – it will teach its employees to shoot. All as part of the new “Greeting with arms” program.

The Polish Post will teach its employees to shoot

After the outbreak of the war with Ukraine, Polish shooting ranges began to experience a real siege. In response to the “demand”, the Ministry of Sport announced the “Shooting Promotion Program”, which will cost the state – only this year – PLN 5 million. A total of 8,000 will be trained. people. Next year, the group of those trained is to increase. The beneficiaries of the program will be sports clubs that will deal with the training.

Weapons are also coming back to schools. The plan of the Ministry of Defense assumes that every high school graduate should be able to fire handguns and long weapons. The Ministry of National Defense would also like to develop other military skills in young people.

Now it turns out that Poczta Polska will also teach its employees to shoot – as part of the new “Welcome with a gun” program. According to “Gazeta Wyborcza”, a maximum of 1,000 employees is to be trained. Interestingly, any operator’s employee can apply to the program. This, in turn, means that both the postman and, for example, a sorting worker or a post office worker can learn to shoot.

Training is to take place during free time; each of them will last four hours. The Polish Post Protection Center is to provide weapons and ammunition.

“Hand in hand with WOT”

“Greeting with arms” is only one of the “special” programs of Poczta Polska. “GW” also describes the “Shoulder to shoulder with Territorial Defense Forces” program. As part of it, Poczta Polska is to encourage its employees to join the Territorial Defense Forces, offering them shooting training, first aid training, cybersecurity training and additional privileges. As a spokesman said in a statement he sent to the newspaper,

Poczta Polska has been communicating for many months that, as an entity of special economic and defense importance, it focuses on the promotion of pro-defense attitudes among the Post Office workers and wants to develop or strengthen the necessary competences among its employees in the event of crisis situations. The program you mention is actually being implemented.

And when is the pay rise program?

Are the programs enabling learning to use weapons the kind of “benefit” they have been waiting for for employees of Poczta Polska? It is safe to assume that it is not. Especially since workers’ salaries are often at the national minimum level. There is also a shortage of hands to work – on the website of Poczta Polska you can find … several hundred job offers (for the whole of Poland). The post office is looking for both postmen (although the bicycle one must have its own bicycle), as well as drivers, mechanics, sorting employees or employees serving customers in branches. Therefore, it seems that a different program – the pay rise program – would be of much more interest to the operator’s employees.

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