Volleyball World Championships. Polish women will start as at the National. Volleyball players are back for the World Cup!

  • Eight years ago, the opening match of the volleyball players’ World Cup at the National Stadium was watched by as many as 63 thousand. fans. It was an unprecedented event. This experience was used by the Dutch, where the world volleyball championships begin today, and the second host is Poland
  • Biało-Czerwone come back to the World Cup after 12 years of absence. What can Stefano Lavarini’s team do?
  • Before the match of Polish women in Arnhem, the Netherlands, the organizers made sure that there were historical accents and references to the events of World War II.
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In the atmosphere of a great holiday and with the involvement of as many as thirty towns – this is how the Dutch were preparing for the start of the world championship, which they are organizing together with Poland. Biało-Czerwone will play the opening match against Croatia today and it will be their return to the world championship, because they took part in them for the last time in 2010, and they did not qualify for the next two editions. After the match at the football stadium in Arnhem, the Polish women will move to Gdańsk for the next group stage matches.

Where Polish soldiers are

The opening match of the volleyball world championship, which was played eight years ago at the National Stadium in Warsaw, was an unprecedented event, with 63,000 fans sitting in the stands. Three years later, the same facility hosted Poles in the first match of the European Championship. Thus, a clear signal was sent to the volleyball world that indoor discipline matches transferred to football facilities may attract crowds of fans. In 2018, the Men’s League of Nations finals were held at the stadium in Lille, and now, for the first time, ladies will play in such an arena.

On the ground of the GelreDome stadium in Arnhem, where SBV Vitesse players compete on a daily basis, three fields have been set up for the volleyball world championships, where the first phase matches for groups competing in the Netherlands are to be played simultaneously. Teams from “Polish” group B will have only one match waiting there, after which they will move to Gdańsk. The Polish women will play against Croatia on Friday, and after them the Dutch will play against Kenya. – The object is impressive. On Thursday morning we had our first training session at the stadium and apart from the fact that it was a bit cold, we couldn’t complain. The last works were still in progress, so some doors were opened, hence the lower temperature – says Magdalena Stysiak, attacking the Polish national team.

However, matches at the football stadium are only one of the elements of the Dutch part of the World Cup, because the whole country was involved in the promotion of the tournament – from pitches set up in many cities, through events for children and meetings with players, to creating separate bases for teams from around the world. The teams participating in the world championship are located in a total of 30 locations, each of which is the base for one team (Brazil and Dominican women are in four places). The location for Polish women is not accidental, and it is about the town of Overbetuwe. It was in this commune that Polish soldiers took part in the Battle of Arnhem during World War II.

30 hours of travel

The Polish national team reached the Netherlands on Tuesday, and spent the last two days before departure for a short training camp in Elbląg. However, in the final straight before the most important event of the season, Biało-Czerwony had a lot of logistical perturbations. Until last Thursday, they competed in a friendly tournament in Naples, where they played, among others with group rivals in the World Cup – the Turkish national team, but for some players the return to the country took more than 30 hours due to transfers and delays of planes.

Friday’s match with Croatia is, however, the moment for which the Polish women have been preparing for months. At the end of July, after the end of the League of Nations, they started training in Szczyrk, and before that they had missed such time for quiet training. – After the first part of the season, I emphasized that this group just needs to lock up in the hall and “sculpt”, working hard in training. That’s what we did, and already in our friendly matches you could see more confidence in some of the games. And besides, our coach likes to work hard and press down during classes – says Polish captain Joanna Wołosz, who is the only one of the current fourteen who does not make her debut in the world championships. In 2010, she was in the team of White and Reds in Japan, but then she was Milena Sadurek’s substitute, and now she is the most experienced player and leader of the team.

They don’t want to miss it

Polish women could prepare for the World Cup for almost two months, but this season’s health problems did not spare them. It started with the League of Nations, which they went to without any nominal attackers, because Malwina Smarzek and Magdalena Stysiak were excluded from injuries. Only the second of them, supported by Monika Gałkowska, returned to the World Cup, but then there was a problem with the hosts. Again, injuries prevented him – this time Martyna Łukasik and almost 19-year-old Martyna Czyrniańska, last year’s talented debutant.

– The absence of important players means that Polish women will play a bit differently than in the previous season, but the physical conditions are definitely on the side of the rival – says Piotr Matela, assistant coach of the Croatian national team. He is not the only Pole in the staff of Croatian coach Ferhat Akbas, who also invited his assistant from Eczacibasi Istanbul – Radosław Kawka and the statistics of Kamil Kwieciński, and for two seasons he worked with some of our female staff in Police. On the side of the Biało-Czerwonych, Joanna Wołosz will know the rivals, because in the club from Conegliano she played together with Samanta Fabris or Bożana Butigan.

The Polish women emphasize that the key will be a strong entry into the tournament, because the four best teams from each group will advance to the second phase of the competition, and in the next stage Biało-Czerwony will join group D, i.e. very strong Serbs or Americans. This competition will select eight quarterfinalists and this is how the knockout phase will begin.


The World Championship is a tournament closing the volleyball team season, but the result of Polish women will be important in the context of their place in the FIVB ranking, which will count when determining the lineups of next year’s qualifying tournaments for the Paris Olympics. What can the Polish national team do? – Certainly for good results, although I do not want to make specific declarations. We have many months of hard work behind us and we would not want to miss it – concludes Stysiak.

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