Poland – Netherlands. Even Robert Lewandowski did not know what it was supposed to be. League of Nations

Poland – Netherlands. Even Robert Lewandowski did not know what it was supposed to be. League of Nations
Poland – Netherlands. Even Robert Lewandowski did not know what it was supposed to be. League of Nations
  • The Polish national team lost 0: 2 with the Netherlands in the match of the fifth round of the League of Nations. However, more about Biało-Czerwoni is not the result, but the style in which Biało-Czerwoni lost
  • Czesław Michniewicz has a lot to think about after a defeat with a higher-ranked rival
  • Nevertheless, there are a few symptoms that allow some hope to be poured into the hearts before the World Cup in Qatar
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We’ve seen it somewhere before …

Apparently, nothing is as fun as the good jokes we already know. And vice versa – it’s hard to find something that causes greater smiles of pity than the same ripped jokes. On Thursday, we witnessed a sketch that made us too much of it. Especially since he was completely ridiculous. Exactly 100 days after the previous match, Biało-Czerwoni served us again an indigestible dish. The June meeting with Belgium at the National Stadium ended in a 0-1 defeat, but no one had any doubts that the Red Devils should have won higher. We had a deja vu on Thursday. A few actions right after the change of sides poured some hope into the hearts of Polish fans, but it is still not enough.

Cody Gakpo’s goal in the Poland – Netherlands match:

Even Lewandowski did not know what to play

Spreading hands, expressive gestures, body language leaving no illusions. We do not like such Robert Lewandowski, because we know that things are not going well in the Polish national team then. This was also the case on Thursday. On several occasions the captain of the White and Reds expressed his frustration. His friends did not always understand his intentions, and “Lewy” himself could have behaved better several times. Just like in the end of the first half, when he could serve Piotr Zieliński with a passing pace. After the change of sides, Lewandowski received support in the form of Arkadiusz Milik, but it is difficult to say that their cooperation from the time of the coach Adam Nawałka was resurrected.

Piotr Zieliński missed something

During the summer break, they wanted to get rid of him from Stadio Diego Armando Maradona, but with the beginning of the season these voices stopped. A great month for the 28-year-old, and he translated the good disposition with SSC Napoli into a match for the national team. Against the Dutch, he was the driving force behind the driving actions of the White and Reds more than once or twice. If we are to praise someone after this match, it’s him. Because, using the nomenclature of former coach Jerzy Brzęczek, Zieliński finally jumped something.

Zieliński’s perfect perpendicular pass, Frankowski plays, Milik misses:

Cash needed immediately

Poles are constantly afraid of how costly and unpleasant the coming winter will be for us. It is not necessary to spend significant resources of cash. Czesław Michniewicz also needs cash, and right now. Injured Matty Cash could only support his colleagues in front of the TV. Przemysław Frankowski was given a chance in his place. Midfielder RC Lens had a terrible first half. After the break, he redeemed his sins a bit, but no one doubts that it will be Cash who will be running on the right pendulum at the World Cup.

Zalewski passed the exam again

There is also a favorite on the opposite flank. On Thursday, Nicola Zalewski confirmed his aspirations for the first team. Although the AS Roma player only returned to the game after an injury, he was one of the outstanding Poles. If only in the first half he had a better hit after a great cohesive action, Polish fans would have left the National Stadium in better moods.



His eyesight deteriorated day by day. First in one eye. Activities in the hall, a ball hit in the face and Michał Globisz was in the hospital. Later, visibility in the other eye faded. Nevertheless, the deserved youth coach and educator can still be found in the stands of the stadium in Gdynia – he comes to matches and his friends tell him what is happening on the pitch. In “X-ray”, the guardian of the gold medalists of the European Championships from years ago talks about learning a new life and setting the head at such an angle that the number of an oncoming trolleybus can be seen at the stop.


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