Slag. President Abramczyk Polonii talks about breaking up with Matej Zagar. “Something did not spark”


Matej Zagar will not be a player of Abramczyk Polonia in the 2023 season. President Jerzy Kanclerz talks about an honest conversation with the player, after which such a decision was made. He also adds that, in his opinion, both sides wanted to end their cooperation this season.

Jarosław Galewski
September 22, 2022, 1:23 pm

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The Slovene did not have a very successful season in 2022. The 39-year-old was supposed to be the star of the eWinner of the 1st League, but he ended the struggle with an average of 1.889 and was classified only 18th among the most effective players in the competition. Until recently, however, his future in Bydgoszcz was not a foregone conclusion. President Jerzy Chancellor held talks with him and considered whether to give Zagar another chance. Ultimately, however, it was decided that this would not happen.

– After the Grand Prix in Malilla Matej, he called me and we had a sincere conversation – tells us the president of Abramczyk Polonii. – I assure you that there are no animosities between us. The relationships are really correct. At some point, however, both sides began to notice that something was not quite sparkling. We didn’t say it directly to ourselves, but we both thought that it would be better to walk away without any regrets or pretensions and not make another approach. For my part, I thank him very much for this year. I think that he should not complain about cooperation either – explains the Chancellor.

The head of the Bydgoszcz club does not hide that he expected more from Zagar and similar expectations before starting in eWinner 1. The player himself had similar expectations. – Matej came from PGE Ekstraliga, but he did not jump over this bar as freely as he probably assumed himself. We as a club certainly counted on more. There were supposed to be double-digit gains, and instead there was a long series of matches without double-digit gains. He realizes that this is not how it was supposed to be. However, the milk has spilled. Matej goes on his side, and we are building a new team – summarizes the president.

As previously reported, according to our information, Abramczyk Polonia has already found a replacement for Zagar. David Belego, who recently raced in Fogo Unia Leszno, is to return to Bydgoszcz. In addition, the club intends to contract Andreas Lyager and Szymon Szlauderbach. Daniel Jeleniewski, Kenneth Bjerre and Wiktor Przyjemski will continue to race in Polonia, and Oleg Mikhailov has an important contract. The club’s goal next year will be promotion to PGE Ekstraliga again.


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