He auctioned the horses for a million euros and did not pay. Scandal at Pride of Poland 2022

He auctioned the horses for a million euros and did not pay. Scandal at Pride of Poland 2022
He auctioned the horses for a million euros and did not pay. Scandal at Pride of Poland 2022
  • French merchant Thiery Bartbier has auctioned horses at the Pride of Poland auction for PLN 990,000. euro
  • Even though the deadline has already passed, the Frenchman has not paid a single zloty
  • Experts believe that he will not do it because he is not a reliable person
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This year’s Pride of Poland 2022 pure-bred Arabian horse auction in Janów Podlaski took place on August 14. According to its regulations, during the week, buyers should pay the money for the bidding mares and stallions to the studs’ accounts. Almost all clients have already done so. Some even picked up the horses.

However, as reported by “Gazeta Wyborcza”, the one that bids the most – French Thierry Barbier – has not paid up to this day.

On Sunday, August 14, he auctioned horses from three Polish studs – Michałów, Janów Podlaski and Białka. The amounts he offered for them are impressive. The mare Egiria from Białka reached the amount of 115 thousand. euro. For Poganinka and Esmeraldia from Michałów, Barbier offered 400 and 220 thousand, respectively. euro. He was to buy Euzona from Janów Podlaski for 220 thousand. euro. In total, the Frenchman should pay PLN 990,000 for the horses auctioned at the Pride of Poland. euro.

The rest of the text below the video material:

– We were counting on approximately EUR 1.2 million in profit. There is much more, 1.6 million. With the current economic situation, the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, it is a great success. That is why I congratulate the stud presidents – this is what Andrzej Wójtowicz, the representative of the director of the National Agricultural Support Center for horse breeding, said right after the end of the Pride of Poland auction.

It turns out that the yield will be much lower than estimated.

As we read in “Wyborcza”, experts believe that the French will not pay the money for the auctioned horses because they are simply not there. He is a well-known and unreliable person in the community.

“Well, Thierry Barbier is well known in the community of people engaged in breeding and selling Arabian horses. Known for being a mythomaniac (…). There is no Arabian horse stud, although he wants to pass for such a person” – HipoLogika writes on his blog Marek Szewczyk, editor-in-chief of “Konia Polski” for many years and TVP commentator.

According to him, the French does not have enough money to buy horses. “In 2018, he made an offer to Stud Janów Podlaski to buy several horses outside the auction. The offer was accepted, but the stud did not receive any money, so the sale did not take place. This fact was confirmed by Sławomir Pietrzak, who was the president of the Janów stud at that time. “- adds Szewczyk, who also talked to breeders from Western Europe. Barbier was supposed to come to them, arrange the purchase of horses, and then disappear without paying any money. Consequently, its credibility is practically nil.

However, this is not the end, as “Wyborcza” informs, Szewczyk is also surprised by the behavior of the French during the Egiria and Esmeraldia auctions. When Barbier outbid his own bids, the organizers were to be informed that Barbier was not credible. As a result, the auctioneer was taken from him. Indeed, the French, after bidding on Esmeraldia, no longer participated in the auction. On Monday, during the Summer Sale, he was bidding online as a buyer from Austria.


“Gazeta Wyborcza” asked Krzysztof Kierzek, the president of the Polish Horse Racing Club, to collect the auction plate from him. Kierzek categorically denies that such a situation took place. – Nothing like that happened, I would like to deny the information that appeared in the public space – assures the president.

However, as the text shows, “Wyborcza” confirmed in four independent sources that the French was banned from further bidding. Otherwise, the entire auction could end in a huge scandal and a financial catastrophe.

If the French does not pay the money, the president is considering an emergency exit, contacting other contractors who wanted to buy horses and legal action. The auction regulations provide for a penalty of 30%. of the bid amount in the event of failure to collect the horses.

Source: “Gazeta Wyborcza”

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