Former representative of Lewandowski’s defense. “It’s easiest to hide behind your back”


Robert Lewandowski came under fire after Poland lost the Euro 2024 qualifiers. However, Roman Kosecki defends the captain of the national team. – It’s very unfair to him – he says in an interview with our website.

Bartłomiej Bukowski
November 21, 2023, 11:18 am

WP SportoweFakty / Kuba Duda / In the photo: Robert Lewandowski

The qualifying rounds for the 2024 European Championships ended with a 1-1 draw with the Czech Republic. The qualifying rounds, which were supposed to be a breeze, turned out to be an impossible road for our team. In the last match, which could have sustained our hopes for promotion, one of the weakest players – if not the weakest – on the pitch was Robert Lewandowski, and it was him who focused the attention of many fans who consider him the greatest culprit for the White and Reds’ failure.

However, the captain of the Polish national team is defended by another former striker of our national team – Roman Kosecki.

– There is no doubt that he is in poorer shape. You can see that Robert is playing weaker, but the whole team is there. Someone else could have taken on the burden of playing, someone else could have scored goals and taken responsibility, he emphasizes.

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“The old days are coming back”

After the match against the Czech Republic, Robert Lewandowski came under heavy fire. Journalists wrote about him, among others: as a “brake” or that he “doesn’t deserve the captain’s armband”, while fans made it clear in all comments and surveys who, in their opinion, had failed the most. Roman Kosecki has a slightly different perspective on this.

– Of course, players and coaches are also to blame, but it’s spread out. I certainly wouldn’t blame Robert Lewandowski here. I am against such statements, because it is the simplest thing – to hide behind Lewandowski’s back – he is guilty and no one else, everyone did a great job. This is not the case, everyone contributed a little and now we need to draw conclusions from it for the future – he says.

– The old days are coming back. Players were always found guilty. I remember when it was Roman Szewczyk or Rysiek Tarasiewicz, or later me and many other players. It doesn’t work like that, our interlocutor adds.

Kosecki further points out what – in his opinion – was the most disappointing: – I think that mistakes were made both in terms of the selection of the coach and organizationally. There were still some scandals, the entire environment around the national team was not the best – he reminds.

– I hope that some people will get their heads together and won’t make the same mistakes again, although I feel like these are false hopes. Moreover, some from higher classes also got involved, as was the case with the memorable bonus scandal. A lot of mistakes were made, the whole post-World Cup atmosphere, not the best atmosphere and ultimately, as everyone was counting on, it couldn’t be fixed. They thought that a great coach would come and sort it out somehow, says Kosecki.


There will come a time for settling accounts

Although the Polish national team lost the qualifying round in an embarrassing style, it still has a chance to play at next year’s Euro. All thanks to the play-offs to which we will advance from the Nations League. And although we will probably manage to avoid the strongest rivals, we will still probably have to defeat Wales or Ukraine, which – given the current form of the national team – will not be an easy task.

– It didn’t work out, but we still have a chance through the play-offs. I believe and keep my fingers crossed that it will work this time. So that later some people do not bark certain statements about Lewandowski. It may still turn out that he will score the goal that decides our promotion. You have to approach it calmly. People have forgotten that we still have games to play, we are not out yet and we are still in the game, he emphasizes.

– The time of reckoning will come. Perhaps these will be brutal and ruthless settlements, but now there is mobilization for the play-offs and that’s it. I approach this very calmly and I think it is very unfair to Robert Lewandowski, although of course he is also one of the team members and bears responsibility, our interlocutor notes.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that Robert Lewandowski is simply getting old and the end of his adventure with our national team is inevitably approaching. And Roman Kosecki considers the search for his successors to be one of Michał Probierz’s main goals.

– We have to approach it calmly, Robert is approaching the end of his career and we have to slowly look for who will take on this burden of playing next. This is the task of the new coach and the new staff, he sums up.

Bartłomiej Bukowski, journalist of WP SportoweFakty

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