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Optibet Lokomotiv Daugavpils activists agreed to the request of their pupils – Daniił Kołodinski and Ernest Matjuszonok, who wanted to race in the U24 Ekstraliga. The first one went to Orlen Wilków Krosno. The second one to Motor Lublin.

Konrad Cinkowski
November 21, 2023, 08:00

WP SportoweFakty / Adrian Skorupski / In the photo: Daniił Kołodinski

Although the transfer window in Polish speedway leagues has ended, some clubs are still building their teams. This is due to the U-24 Ekstraliga competition.

Many players decided to ride in two leagues – the one up to 24 years of age and the 2nd Speedway League. This is the case, among others, two representatives of Latvia.

“Daniił (Kołodinski) is not included in the club’s application because the management has agreed to his performances in the U-24 Ekstraliga. The player signed a contract with Orlen Wilki Krosno, but he will also be able to take part in the 2nd Speedway League. Under the same conditions “Ernest (Matjuszonok) has signed a contract with Platinum Motor Lublin,” Optibet Lokomotiv Daugavpils announced on social media.

Optibet Lokomotiv activists did not decide to make many changes in the league team, but only replaced the suspended Nick Morris with Rene Bach, well known in Latvia. In addition, Oleg Mikhailov returned to the team and Swede Noel Wahlqvist joined the team. Kevin Juhl Pedersen, on the other hand, has passed away.

Bach is considered a candidate for the leader, while the Latvian and the Swede, although they intend to fight for the team, have so far signed the so-called Warsaw contracts. The activists and Wahlqvist were greatly hampered by the change in the regulations regarding foreign youth players, because junior Nikolai Kokin wanted to use numbers 6-7 and 14-15.

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“While our negotiations with the foreigners were quite quick and efficient, with the Latvian players they were much more difficult. Only at the end of the transfer window did we manage to find a compromise with Kjastas Puodjuks, Yevgeny Kostygov and Daniil Kolodinsky,” we read in a statement from Lokomotiv.

There is no point in looking for Ricards Ansviesulis in the Optibet Lokomotiv Daugavpils squad. The club is silent on the subject of this speedway rider, and fans speculate that when it is not known what it is about, it is about money.

Junior Vadim Antonevich is also a new face in Nikolai Kokin’s squad.

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