Who will Poland play against in the play-offs? It’s almost certain!

Who will Poland play against in the play-offs? It’s almost certain!
Who will Poland play against in the play-offs? It’s almost certain!

The Euro 2024 qualifying rounds will end on Tuesday, November 21. This means that the Polish national team may know its rival in the March play-offs. There are many indications that it will be the Estonian team, although the specter of a confrontation with much higher-ranked rivals is still hanging in the air.

20 out of 24 teams have already secured promotion to the Euro, which will be held next year in Germany. Three will get through the play-offs, and on Tuesday, direct promotion will await the Croatians or the Welsh. Both teams will fight by correspondence for promotion.

The 2018 world runners-up, who will play at home against Armenia, are in a much better position. The Croatians are in second place, two points ahead of third-placed Wales, so a win will mean that they will not have to worry about the attitude of the British against Turkey. The players from the United Kingdom must count on the Croatians failing. If the number of points is equal, Wales will advance due to their better aggregate balance.

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And the fate of Poland depends on this competition. One thing is certain – if Croatia or Wales fail in the qualifying rounds, they will “relegate” to the play-offs. Fans of the White and Reds should keep their fingers crossed for Luka Modric and company, because their advancement will make Michał Probierz’s team the highest-seeded team in the play-offs, and thus they will face the lowest-seeded Estonia – the winner of the Nations League division D.


It is the final classification of the Nations League that will determine the draw for the play-off matches. The scenario according to which Croatia will be forced to play in them will mean that Poland will play one of the three: Finland, Ukraine and Iceland. This will be decided by draw. It is worth noting that Croatia finished the last edition of the Nations League in second place, second only to Spain. In turn, Wales took 16th place – last in the A division.

The play-off draw will take place on November 23. The semi-finals of the play-offs will take place on March 21, while the finals are scheduled for March 26.

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