CBA to be liquidated? The authorities write to partner agencies: exceptional intention

CBA to be liquidated? The authorities write to partner agencies: exceptional intention
CBA to be liquidated? The authorities write to partner agencies: exceptional intention

“In response to the recent increasing information regarding the liquidation of the Central Anticorruption Bureau, I decided to inform you about the current situation,” wrote the head of the CBA.

He emphasized that, unfortunately, the liquidation of the CBA is no longer just one of the theoretical scenarios presented by candidates during the ongoing election campaign. “In the coalition agreement signed on Friday, this is one of the key points of the common program to be implemented by the newly formed government. This means that specific actions in this area can be expected in the near future,” he said.

“The very intention to liquidate the Office is truly unique on a European scale, because so far no one has decided to raise their hand against any of the anti-corruption institutions required by the regulations of the European Union itself. These political announcements, if implemented, may set a precedent and encourage politicians from other countries to attempt to liquidate or introduce deep reforms also in other anti-corruption institutions. In institutions that were created to control also people holding the highest state functions,” he said.

He explained that such a move could put everyone back on the path where corruption would march with decisive and confident steps. “It would certainly weaken the entire European Union and stop the development that we have all worked so hard for and pursued with such conviction,” he added.

He noted in the letter that, in addition to the plans set out in the coalition agreement, the decision to liquidate the Central Anticorruption Bureau was preceded by a growing number of misleading reports in the Polish media about the allegedly illegal activities of the Bureau.

“I would like to assure you that, despite all speculations, all CBA officers and employees remain deeply committed to achieving common goals and undertakings, and all activities carried out by CBA officers are fully legal and justified. Moreover, it should be noted that all insinuations presented in the media are met with “I have already taken appropriate legal action against people defaming our institution,” emphasized Col. Stróżny.

PiS is fighting for the CBA and ABW? “Protects against leaving”

There has been speculation for a long time that PiS is playing for time. And although Mateusz Morawiecki is unlikely to form a government, the goal of the outgoing government is to maintain control over the CBA and ABW.


He said that all this indicates that politicians want to disrupt the functioning of an efficient anti-corruption service, despite all signals to the contrary, not only from citizens, but also from the international community. “These situations, as well as the numerous voices of support that we encounter every day, give a clear signal that the existence and operation of the CBA is extremely necessary and desirable,” he emphasized.

“I am sure that the basic principles of transparency, honesty and professionalism that guide us in the performance of our duties ultimately lead to a positive image of the service. I would like to emphasize that regardless of the circumstances, we are ready to continue our cooperation. We also remain open to any suggestions and initiatives, that can increase the effectiveness of our joint efforts,” wrote the head of the CBA. He added that he is sure that the trust and partnership that has been built over the years will continue to be the basis for fruitful cooperation.

On November 10, the leaders of PO, PSL, Polski 2050 and the Left initialed the coalition agreement. Provision 19 of the first part of the agreement states that the Central Anticorruption Bureau will be liquidated and its resources and competences transferred to other services, including: to the department for combating corruption crimes in the Central Police Investigation Bureau. (PAP)

author: Marta Stańczyk

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