Will there be more broadcasts on open TV? There are the results of the National Broadcasting Council consultations


At the turn of September and October, the National Broadcasting Council conducted special consultations on sports events to be broadcast on open channels. We already know its results.

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Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk
November 20, 2023, 12:25

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The study lasted from September 25 to October 27. In total, the National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT) received 1,702 applications – 1,693 via the interactive form, nine via e-mail or traditional mail.

In a special announcement you can read that, apart from natural persons, their applications were also sent by, among others: Telewizja Polsat, TVP, UEFA and the Polish Hockey Association.

The latter finally has something to be happy about, because most of the entries concerned the hockey event. Specifically, the Elite Men’s World Championship (859 entries) with the participation of the White and Reds.

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In second place were the Formula 1 Grand Prix races, but also F2 to F4, IndyCar, WRC, Le Mans, WEC, MotoGP, NASCAR, etc. (575 entries).

“In both of these cases, it was possible to observe the activation of fans of ice hockey and broadly understood motor sports caused by information about consultations conducted by the National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT) being placed on websites related to these sports (e.g. hockey.net),” the Council said.


The National Broadcasting Council wants to update the list to, for example, replace the matches of the Volleyball World League, which no longer exists, with the Nations League.

It’s not everything. There was also a proposal that the list should include, among others: semi-finals and finals of the World and European Championships in men’s basketball, as well as all matches involving our team in these events. The next point was the World and European Championships in athletics and Polish matches in Grand Slam tennis tournaments.

Some people like it, others don’t like it. The first group includes TVP, which has the most to gain if all these ideas came to fruition. Therefore, Public Television is definitely in favor of expanding the list. Polsat was in the second camp.

How will the case end? The results of the consultations and decisions will be discussed and taken at the meeting of the National Broadcasting Council.

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Will the changes come into force?

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