This is the news we have been waiting for. Maria Andrejczyk calmed down the fans

This is the news we have been waiting for. Maria Andrejczyk calmed down the fans
This is the news we have been waiting for. Maria Andrejczyk calmed down the fans

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Małgorzata Boluk
November 20, 2023, 20:23

In July this year, Maria Andrejczyk admitted that she was having problems and was even thinking about ending her career. However, everything has changed in recent months. The Tokyo Olympic vice-champion in the javelin throw gave us great news!

This summer, Maria Andrejczyk gave a famous interview to TVP Sport, in which she honestly admitted that she was plagued by problems, “but they were not strictly sporting”. The Polish athlete revealed that she even considered ending her career, which worried her fans.

– I’m sorry, but these are delicate topics and I don’t want to talk about them in too much detail. My health is also not good. In short: I am still paying the price for the Olympics – for pressure, stress, excess emotions. It turned out that my body needed much more time to clean itself up. (…) A year ago I really felt burnt out. I thought about the end of my career, but I abandoned these doubts – said Maria Andrejczyk in July (—> HERE).

Four months later, the Olympic vice-champion in the javelin throw talked to the editor of Sportowy24 – Adam Godlewski and confessed that she had recently done a lot in terms of her health and was moving forward. Currently, he is training in Szczyrk, and then he will go to the training camp in Cetniewo.

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The journalist also referred to Andrejczyk’s disturbing words, which were spoken in the above-mentioned interview with TVP Sport. The javelin thrower’s answer? Surprising. – Someone must have manipulated my statement or just taken it out of context, because although various thoughts appeared, it was certainly not in the context of ending my career – said the 27-year-old.


Maria Andrejczyk announced that she wanted to return to the top for many years and emphasized that she had done a lot of work. Now she will focus on next year’s season and the Olympic Games in Paris.

The Pole also emphasized that mental training is very important to her. Thanks to him, she made noticeable progress. – There is no denying that at a high sports level, mentality plays the main role. If we don’t take proper care of our mental health, life will eventually pay us bills, admitted the athlete who moved to Białystok in October.

– Mental training is the foundation of the fact that I am now able to function normally, that I started fighting for the Olympics and that I feel more and more like myself. And not a lost person who doesn’t even know which direction to shout – concluded Maria Andrejczyk.

Her greatest success in her career is silver at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Four years earlier, in Rio de Janeiro, the javelin player took fourth place. Last season? He was not brilliant, the Pole missed the World Championships in Budapest, but she intends to make up for it in the near future, under the leadership of a new coach – Cezary Wojny.

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