Are we facing another brawl in the Sejm? We know what MPs will vote on

Are we facing another brawl in the Sejm? We know what MPs will vote on
Are we facing another brawl in the Sejm? We know what MPs will vote on

A continuation is scheduled for Tuesday, November 21
the first session of the Sejm of the 10th term – we will broadcast it live on
So far, the new group of MPs has met twice, and there was no shortage of emotions in the Sejm hall. Two weeks after the beginning of the first meeting, the media is still talking about the case
Elżbieta Witek
Zbigniew Ziobro
who raged on the podium.

Continuation of the Sejm session. What will MPs vote on?

On the Sejm website we can read that on November 21, MPs will vote on the selection of members of the Sejm committees. – We have absolutely fundamental tasks ahead of us. We must create all parliamentary committees and put them to work, said the Speaker of the Sejm
Szymon Hołownia

– Szymon Hołownia

Kierwiński: Everything is already arranged

Marcin Kierwiński
from the Civic Platform, asked by journalists, said in the Sejm that “the composition of the committee is already finalized.” – Everything is already closed. Everything has been clarified, so tomorrow we will be ready to go at… 12, because this is the schedule (of the Sejm), to elect committees and to elect the presidiums of these committees, he said. He added that “it is natural that the ruling coalition will have a majority in the presidiums of most commissions.”

In turn, Borys Budka assured that Law and Justice can expect chairmanship in six or seven committees. – Let me remind you that in the last term, Law and Justice, if I am not mistaken, had the chairmanship of 18 committees, and the Civic Coalition, if I am not mistaken, in five – he added. – I think they will have more leadership in committees than the Civic Coalition in the last term – said the MP.

Suski: They lie as usual

He commented on his statement
Marek Suski
from Law and Justice. In an interview with PAP, he stated that no one consulted the composition of the commission with the United Right. – Saying that the talks have ended is pure nonsense. Maybe there were some talks, but not with us – added the PiS MP.

– At the end of the term, the opposition had 10 committee chairmen, so maybe Mr. Budka would take a look at the committee compositions, because they had 61 seats in the presidiums plus a seat in the European Union committee – emphasized Suski. As he added, KO had 6 chairmen, and the Left and PSL had 2 chairmen each.


Suski emphasized that no one from PO called him. – If they say the talks are over, they are lying, as always, he added.

“The majority may not respect parity”

When asked how many committee heads PiS counts, since they have 12 of them, he replied: “How many will there be, that’s how many there will be, because the majority may not respect parity.” – We are out of parity 12, but perhaps it will be a neo-democracy – added the PiS MP.

As you can see, the composition of parliamentary committees is a topic that arouses a lot of emotions among politicians from rival parties. It can therefore be concluded that the atmosphere in the lower house will be heated again during Tuesday’s debates. Will politicians get carried away again? We will find out on Tuesday, November 21. The meeting is scheduled to start at 12:00.

Source: Radio ZET/PAP

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