More teams advancing to the Euro. Good news for Poles

More teams advancing to the Euro. Good news for Poles
More teams advancing to the Euro. Good news for Poles

We already know 20 of the 24 participants of Euro 2024. Of course, the hosts – Germany, are sure of participating in the event. On Monday, three more teams advanced in the qualifying round: Italy, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. Eliminations end on Tuesday. And fighting for the last place in this pool.

It is defended by Croatia, which will play at home against Armenia. If she wins, she won’t have to worry about the result of Wales’ match against Turkey, which is already certain to advance. The Welsh, on the other hand, must win and count on the third team from the last World Cup to stumble, as they are two points behind, but have a better record of head-to-head matches.

The last three participants of the tournament will be selected in the March play-offs.

They are already sure of participating in Euro 2024:

group A – Spain, Scotland
group B – France, Netherlands
group C – England, Italy
group D – Türkiye
group E – Albania, Czech Republic
group F – Austria, Belgium
group G – Hungary, Serbia
group H – Denmark, Slovenia
group I – Romania, Switzerland
group J – Portugal, Slovakia

Play-offs for Euro 2024 in March. Who will Poland play against?

The twelve best teams from the last edition of the Nations League will take part in the play-offs, of course excluding those that have already qualified for the Euro. The competition will take place in three four-team tracks. Each will feature two semi-finals and then a final. To advance, you need to win two matches.

Poland played in the strongest division of the Nations League (A). If Croatia advances from the group on Tuesday, our team will be the highest-ranked team in this competition among those that did not advance to the Euro through the qualifying rounds. Thanks to this, they would face Estonia in the semi-finals. She would also have the privilege of playing this match at home.

The draw that will take place on Thursday, November 23 will decide whether it will host the eventual final of its play-off stage. Also then, the Poles will get to know all their potential rivals in the final. If the Croatians advance, in the second semi-final of our path, Wales will play one of the three: Finland, Iceland, Ukraine. The opponent will be known after Thursday’s draw.

However, if the Croatians do not advance, the White and Reds will start the play-offs with a match against Ukraine, Finland or Iceland, and then, if they win, perhaps face the strong Croatians.


Poland, Wales/Croatia, Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Ukraine, Iceland, Georgia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Estonia

Play-off matches (as of November 20):

Track A:
Poland – Estonia
Wales – Finland or Ukraine or Iceland

Track B:
Israel – Ukraine or Iceland
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Finland or Ukraine

Path C:
Georgia – Luxembourg
Greece – Kazakhstan

draw for the remaining play-off semi-finals: November 23
play-off semi-finals: March 21
play-off finals: March 26

The championship will be held from June 14 to July 14 in 10 German cities: Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart.

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