Grosicki reveals what happened after the Poland match

Grosicki reveals what happened after the Poland match
Grosicki reveals what happened after the Poland match

Kamil Grosicki is one of the most experienced players in the national team. He was one of the pillars of Adam Nawałka’s team, and subsequent coaches hoped that by entering the pitch as a joker, he would give the team an impulse. But today, together with Polish football, he found himself in a completely new reality. How does he deal with it? How does he rate Michał Probierz, Robert Lewandowski and the match against the Czech Republic? We invite you to an interview with the 91-time Polish representative and captain of Pogoń Szczecin in a special episode of the LIVE program, which you can watch here:

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Kamil Grosicki reveals what happened after the Poland – Czech Republic match. “I started…”

One of the main topics of our conversation are the unsuccessful qualifying rounds, common criticism of the national team, but also of Robert Lewandowski. – Robert probably knows and analyzes his game just like any other player. I am always honest with myself and I know when I play well and when I play badly. Robert also analyzes such matches. Of course, in recent months he has been subjected to a lot of criticism regarding the national team, but Robert knows, I talk to him, that he can always count on my support – defends captain Grosicki.

– I will always say good things about him, and on the pitch – when we play together – I try to create opportunities for him. Robert is a legend of Polish football, probably one of the best, if not the best player in its history, and he certainly knew that one day there would come a weaker moment when it comes to the performance of our national team, and when the results are poorer, fans and journalists will always criticize leader, into the most important player and captain. I know what he is going through, but I will always support him, and on the pitch I will do everything to create opportunities for him, because he can score goals – adds the 35-year-old winger.

“There is something to build on”

When we ask him about Lewandowski’s role in building the atmosphere in the squad, Grosicki answers directly. – Younger players are sometimes afraid to come and talk to Robert, although maybe they are not afraid, but ashamed. Robert is open to conversations, and with his experience he can help and give appropriate tips. You just need to come and talk. As an older player, I also help him to ensure a good atmosphere in our locker room, because that is the most important thing – says Grosicki, and his words are confirmed by the pictures from the pitch of the National Stadium just after the match against the Czechs.


– I started talking, then Wojtek Szczêsny, Robert Lewandowski. It was our initiative, the oldest in the squad. With the Czech Republic, I saw a team that wants to win and play as best as possible. What about the rest? It stays between us. We wanted to emphasize that there is something to build on, says Kamil Grosicki.

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