They squandered a 10-1 advantage and still won. The pursuit of the cup winner in PlusLiga continues

They squandered a 10-1 advantage and still won. The pursuit of the cup winner in PlusLiga continues
They squandered a 10-1 advantage and still won. The pursuit of the cup winner in PlusLiga continues

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Sebastian Szczytkowski
November 20, 2023, 19:21

Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie won the fifth PlusLiga match in a row. This time 3:0 against KGHM Cuprum Lubin. The second game was especially unusual.

The Zawiercie team came to Lubin with the intention of continuing the pursuit of the best in PlusLiga. Cupowicz started the season with two defeats, then won four matches. After reversing the balance, Warta visited the team that had recovered from a series of four defeats in the middle of the previous week and won 3-0 against Ślepsk Malow Suwałki. KGHM Cuprum Lubin also tried to follow suit.

Warta won the first set 25:20, although it started sluggishly and had problems with ambitious opponents. Cuprum led 4:0, then 10:6. At this point, there was a break at the request of the Zawiercie coach, and immediately after returning to the pitch, Michał Winiarski’s players led to a draw 10:10. Another game began, with the initiative on the favorite’s side. The series from 20:19 to 24:19 was decisive.

The visitors decided to spare themselves similar attractions in the second set, and their start was very impressive. Warta went 10-1, but did that close the round? Absolutely not. Cuprum reversed the score to 17:16, and then the final decision was decisive. The Zawiercie team defended the set ball and won 26:24 with a service ace by Mateusz Bieniek and a block by Jake Hanes.

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There was no such swing in the third set, which does not mean that there was no swing at all. Even with the score at 19:19, the Cuprum volleyball players could count on losing at least a set to Warta, but another unsuccessful end did not allow the hosts to even do that. After Trevor Clevenot’s service ace, the score was 25-21, which meant the match ended with a score of 3-0. Temporary problems did not prevent the guests from achieving a convincing victory.


KGHM Cuprum Lubin – Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie 0:3 (20:25, 24:26, 21:25)

Cuprum: Gelinski, Ferens, Kwasowski, Pietraszko, Strulak, Lorenc, Granieczny (libero) and Kubicki, Hanes, Berger

Guard: Tavares Rodrigues, Kwolek, Clevenot, Zniszczoł, Bieniek, Butryn, Perry (libero) and Gąsior, Kozłowski, Szalacha

MVP: Miguel Tavares Rodrigues (Warta)

PlusLiga table:

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