Crazy set in the Polish league. It’s hard to imagine

Crazy set in the Polish league. It’s hard to imagine
Crazy set in the Polish league. It’s hard to imagine

The Zawiercie team started the season with a squad riddled with injuries and illnesses. However, since Winiarski has a full squad, his team is improving. In the seventh round of PlusLiga, they won for the fifth time in a row and They strengthened their position at the top. However, the inhabitants of Lubin set difficult conditions for them.

The match started with a strong attack from the hosts. They were leading 4-0 and he was doing great on counter-attacks Wojciech Ferens. Cuprum’s advantage continued, with the score at 10:6 Guest coach Michał Winiarski asked for a break.

The coach’s speech clearly helped, because his volleyball players won the next four games and that Paweł Rusek, Lubin’s coach, called the players to his place. On Zawiercie’s side, he received more and more balls in attack Mateusz Bieniek. The Polish representative could not play at the beginning of the season due to a summer injury. At last However, he returned to the game after injury and is looking better and better. He also showed it in the service box. From the 19:21 mark, his serves made the team’s task much easier – they won the next three actions. And after a while, Cuprum left the field defeated, losing 20:25.

A brilliant start of Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie and a great twist

Cuprum showed its great side in the previous round. Then Lubin defeated Ślepsk Malow Suwałki away, a team that was in the top half of the table at the time. It was their second victory this season. A possible win against Aluron CMC Warta could have taken them to the top eight.

However, in the second set, Bieniek was hitting his serve hard from the very beginning and this time the Zawiercie team was leading from the very beginning. And very clearly. Cuprum changed the quarterback and he appeared on the pitch Kajetan Kubicki. And after a while, so did the attacker Jake Hanes and the receiver Alexander Berger. Bieniek’s series of plays continued until the score was 10:1which was also helped by the defense Miguel Tavares.

Later, the Lublin team looked better and their losses decreased to just two points. Hanes’ good plays helped. But when Karol Butryn He ran into his opponents’ block and the scoreboard showed a draw of 16:16. And after another ace by Hanes, the hosts took the lead. And although it was hard to imagine it after the first few minutes of this set, it was decided by a power play. Bieniek shined again – first with a service ace, then with a defensive intervention. His colleagues blocked Hanes’ attack and Aluron CMC Warta won 26:25.

Cuprum Lubin did not even win a set. The series of Zawiercies continues

For the third game, the hosts started with the players introduced by Rusk during the previous set. Berger in particular performed excellently, Cuprum was leading 7:4. However, the Zawiercie team achieved a draw quite efficiently. And halfway through the game they started to build an advantage. To your good game Bieniek scored the first point block in the match.

Before the end, Aluron CMC Warta had a two-point advantage. He finished an important action in attack Trevor Clevenot, not doing well offensively in the previous sets. The Zawiercie team recorded a total of six point blocks, and the 25:21 victory was secured by a point served by Clevenot. The MVP award for the game went to Tavares.


Cuprum: Lorenc, Strulak, Kwasowski, Danilo, Pietraszko, Ferens – Granieczny (libero) and Kubicki, Hanes, Berger

Aluron CMC Warta: Butryn, Bieniek, Kwolek, Tavares, Zniszczoł, Clevenot – Perry (libero) and Kozłowski, Gąsior, Szalacha

Paweł Pietraszko from Cuprum Lubin attacks/ PAP/Maciej Kulczyński /PAP

Mateusz Bieniek from Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie attacks/Piotr Polak/PAP

Cuprum Lubin volleyball players/ PAP/Maciej Kulczyński /PAP

Mateusz Bieniek: Finally, I can say that I am healthy. VIDEO/Polsat Sport/Polsat Sport

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