They sat next to each other. Touchstone had no idea what he was saying about him

They sat next to each other. Touchstone had no idea what he was saying about him
They sat next to each other. Touchstone had no idea what he was saying about him

PAP / Leszek Szymański / In the photo: Michał Probierz

Robert Czykiel
November 20, 2023, 17:53

Michał Probierz quickly learns that the job of the coach of the Polish national team is a tough job. After losing the Euro 2024 qualifiers, he recalled a rather telling story that happened to him before the match against the Czech Republic.

Working in the Polish national team has been associated with high risk for some time now. You can lose more than you gain. Only the future will tell how it ends in the case of Michał Probierz, but it has not been easy as a coach from the very beginning.

The 51-year-old started with a victory against the Faroe Islands (2-0), and then… it only got worse. Draws with Moldova and the Czech Republic (in both cases 1:1) meant that we will fight for promotion to Euro 2024 in the play-offs. For this, not only the players are criticized, but also the coach.

There were even voices that the coach of the White and Reds should be changed as soon as possible. It turns out that Touchstone listens to this type of opinion. He even recently met with an expert who wanted him to leave. However, the selector was not aware of this at the time.

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– Coincidentally, I even attended the 100th anniversary of Znicz Pruszków, I congratulate him. I was sitting next to Igor Lewchuk, not knowing that he had dismissed me a few minutes earlier in the program. Now I know (laughter), he said at a press conference.


Indeed, Probierz and Igor Lewczuk met at the gala celebrating the 100th anniversary of Znicz Pruszków. There is even a photo with Robert Lewandowski in the foreground and the coach having a chat with the former player in the background.

However, it seems that the coach approached the whole matter with caution. Then he commented on the accusation that he did not tolerate criticism and closed himself off to journalists.

– There is a difference between criticism and judgment and rudeness. When I read the article that the national team, that Touchstone is already a club, that they made me wear armor. From what I see, I am open to you, I help if possible. Piotrek Kucza (photographer – editor’s note) knows that we talked about taking photos closer, we are open. The journalist thinks that if the coach answers him and explains it, it will be defense. We can discuss arguments, he explained.

Touchstone faces the most important test in the form of the Euro 2024 play-offs, which will be played in March. And on Tuesday, November 21, a friendly match against Latvia will be played. Live broadcast on Pilot WP, TVP 1 and Polsat Sport Premium.

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