“Shocking information” from Tomek’s agent. Brejza pays attention to Pereira

“Shocking information” from Tomek’s agent. Brejza pays attention to Pereira
“Shocking information” from Tomek’s agent. Brejza pays attention to Pereira

On Friday, former CBA agent and former PiS MP Tomasz Kaczmarek reported to the prosecutor’s office in Olsztyn, where he reported the crime committed by the heads of the Ministry of Interior and Administration and the CBA. He testified that Mariusz Kamiñski and his deputy Maciej Wąsik commissioned him to provide top secret materials to pro-PiS journalists in order to discredit their political rivals. According to Gazeta Wyborcza, agent Tomek wants to become a crown witness in this case.

– This information is shocking. They are what we all felt, we were aware of it subcutaneously, but this last link was missing – commented Krzysztof Brejza, MP of the Civic Coalition, in “And now seriously” on TOK FM.

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Miko³aj Lizut’s interlocutor analyzed the functioning of this “system” of power and referred to the fact that he himself was illegally surveilled by the Pegasus system. – If an oppositionist enters the crosshairs or maybe for the simple pleasure of the leader, to destroy someone because he asked too many questions, all instruments related to government television are activated, with illegal leaks, with lies. In my case, correspondence was forged and things were distributed that had previously been negatively verified by the prosecutor’s office, he recalled.

According to Brejza, “an apparatus is being activated to slander selected individuals, to destroy them, to commit such a civil murder against a given name.” – This must be accounted for, because we do not live in Minsk, we do not live in Moscow, where Lukashenka, Putin and their entourage used these methods to eliminate the democratic opposition – emphasized the KO MP.

Kaczmarek’s latest testimony included, among others: Samuel Pereira, who has been working on state television for years. Top secret documents were supposed to be sent to him. – The independent prosecutor’s office should analyze this very carefully. These are not journalists (…), these are de facto people who carried out orders for the PiS party – said Brejza.


And he recalled that Pereira “published a forged KO politician stolen from his phone” when he headed the electoral staff of the Civic Coalition in 2019. – I understand that Tomasz Kaczmarek is describing cases that precede what Pereira and state television did with me, but for the legal and criminal assessment of those cases, it is extremely important. Because here we are dealing with a number of crimes, including the disclosure of information classified as “secret”/”top secret”: operational materials, other people’s correspondence. This is punishable by up to three or five years, he explained.

“A crown witness is needed”

However, questions arise as to why Tomasz Kaczmarek, who has a lot on his conscience, decided now to inform on his former bosses and friends again? As Miko³aj Lizut recalled, agent Tomek played the main role, among others, in the case of the celebrity Weronika Marczuk, detained by officers of the Central Anticorruption Bureau, and a few years later cleared of the charges. Kaczmarek was also charged with multi-million extortion.

According to Brejza, however, we should “approach with openness to people who have made a mistake, but come to the prosecutor’s office knowing that there is a chance to make it independent.” – A crown witness is needed to discover the organization of this entire system, an organized criminal group. After all, it was not Tomasz Kaczmarek who, in the privacy of the CBA, as an operational agent, organized the entire special operation against Mrs. Marczuk – noted the TOK FM guest.

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