Paulina Smaszcz leaves no stone unturned on her ex-husband. He does not exist”

Paulina Smaszcz leaves no stone unturned on her ex-husband. He does not exist”
Paulina Smaszcz leaves no stone unturned on her ex-husband. He does not exist”

The new relationship of Maciej Kurzajewski and Katarzyna Cichopek was one of the most famous media cases of last year. Since then, the presenter’s ex-wife, Paulina Smaszcz, has not spared him sarcastic remarks and criticism on Instagram. The woman is active on her social media, she recently shared a post on InstaStory, and website users guessed that it might be about her ex-husband.

Kurzajewski responds to the attack from his ex-wife. He has one piece of advice for her

For Paulina Smaszcz, her ex-husband does not exist

The post featured a drawn figure of a woman, and the message was that women should be pillars for their partners when they lack strength. Smaszcz strongly opposed this, writing:

“And what if she has no strength? He will quickly find another one. Why does he need a weak, helpless, sick woman?”

One of the observers commented: “still mourning for my husband…”. Smaszcz did not leave this unanswered.

“My ex-husband did not die. The time of mourning is the time after the death of a loved one and irony about this state is inhumane, because in each of our lives someone dies or will die. Why do they still think that my ex-husband exists for me? No, he does not exist. “Lawyers are talking about the lawsuits. What kind of father is he who reports the mother of his children to the police or sends a prosecutor? I leave the judgment to his conscience and to his children,” she wrote.


The tragedy broke Paulina Smaszcz’s heart. “I didn’t delete his number after the funeral”

A year has passed since Maciej Kurzajewski left his wife

Maciej Kurzajewski and Katarzyna Cichopek often share their moments together on social media, and they always smile. This idyll is regularly disturbed by Maciej’s ex-wife Paulina Smaszcz. The media scandal involving their participation began in 2022, when Smaszcz, to some extent, contributed to revealing the relationship of these two by expressing birthday wishes to Cichopek on Instagram.

Since then, she has been criticizing her ex-husband and also criticizing his new partner.

Paulina Smaszcz talks about the past in a new entry and her strength. “I’m a firecracker grandma!”

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