Total demolition in Russia’s match. The result is impressive

Total demolition in Russia’s match. The result is impressive
Total demolition in Russia’s match. The result is impressive

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Sebastian Szczytkowski
November 20, 2023, 7:30 p.m

The Russian national team won 8-0 in a friendly match against Cuba. The opponent had no idea how to stop the hosts from the beginning to the end of the match.

The Russian national team is excluded from official competitions by FIFA and UEFA. The reason is an armed attack on Ukraine. The federation is trying its best and has organized the eighth friendly match for its players in 2023. The class of several rivals was questionable, but they also included Cameroon, Iran and Qatar. In November, Russia played against Cuba.

The Russians practically secured victory in the first half. In the 22nd minute, Ivan Obljakov broke the goal bag. Less than a quarter of an hour had passed and the hosts of the match in Volgograd increased the score to 3-0 with shots by Alexander Golovin and Anton Miranchuk.

Cuba’s greatest achievements in international football are winning the Caribbean Cup, as well as three advancements to the quarterfinals of the CONCACAF Gold Cup. One of the two highest defeats in history – 0:8 – was suffered in a match against the USSR in July 1980. In the second half of Monday’s match, Kuba tried to prevent a repeat.

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There were a lot of changes on Russia’s side and they had a completely different plan for the second half – they wanted to improve the result. Already in the 68th minute, the changed eleven was as effective as the original one. Alexander Silyanov, Alexander Sobolev and Danil Prutsev led to the score 6-0.

With this result, there was a change in the Cuban goal, but Raiko Arozarena’s understudy did not prove to be the healer of the visitors’ defense. Less than five minutes had passed and he pulled the ball out of the goal twice after shots by Nikita Kryvtsov and Andrei Mostovoi. In the 78th minute it was 8-0 and this was the result of the confrontation.


Russia – Cuba 8:0 (3:0)
1-0 – Ivan Obljakov 22′
2:0 – Aleksandr Golovin 30′
3:0 – Anton Miranchuk 34′
4:0 – Aleksander Silyanov 55′
5:0 – Aleksander Sobolev 66′
6:0 – Danil Prutsev 68′
7:0 – Nikita Kryvtsov 74′
8:0 – Andrei Mostovoy 78′


Russia: Matvei Safonov – Sergei Volkov, Maksim Osipenko, Aleksandr Soldatenkov, Alexander Silyanov – Anton Miranchuk (46′ Danil Prutsev) – Ivan Oblyakov (60′ Alexander Sobolev), Danil Glebov (60′ Aleksandr Chernikov), Daler Kuzyaev (46′ Nikita Kryvtsov) , Aleksandr Golovin (46′ Sergei Pinayev) – Fyodor Chalov (60′ Andrei Mostovoy)

Cuba: Raiko Arozarena (72′ Ismel de Jesus Morgado Batista) – Calvo Cruz, Fabian Gloor (82′ Dany Torriente), Karel Espino, Dariel Morejon, Alejandro Delgado Blanco (72′ Elvis Casanova) – Daniel Diaz (82′ David Perez), Romario Torrez Gutierrez (62′ Rey Angel Rodriguez Cordero), Yunior Yuri Perez – Luis Paradela, Reydel Alejandro Sanchez Lorenzo (62′ Cristian Valiente)

Yellow card: Paradela (Cuba)

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