The most famous electoral trials. An avalanche of cases

The most famous electoral trials. An avalanche of cases
The most famous electoral trials. An avalanche of cases
  • 46 out of 47 district courts across the country responded to the website regarding the number of cases. In the 2019 parliamentary elections, there were 38% more such lawsuits. less
  • The most famous cases included the one involving PiS politicians inflating the unemployment rate during Donald Tusk’s government
  • Before the District Court in Legnica, in the electoral mode, the Nonpartisan Local Government Party won against TVP
  • PiS politician Dariusz Matecki lost the trial in Szczecin against the editor-in-chief of Onet Bartosz Węglarczyk
  • More important information can be found on the Onet home page

At least 125 electoral trials were conducted during this year’s parliamentary elections. The question from the Konkret24 editorial team was left unanswered only by the District Court in Koszalin.

Data from 46 out of 47 district courts in Poland show a clear increase in the number of proceedings under Art. 111 of the Electoral Code compared to the previous elections in 2019, when there were 90 such cases. This means an increase of exactly 38%.

The District Court in Warsaw resolved the largest number of electoral cases this year, as many as 15. The next places were taken by the District Court in Kraków with 11 cases, the District Court in Białystok with 8 and the district courts in Legnica and Poznań, where 7 proceedings were resolved each.

The court banned PiS from providing false data on the unemployment rate under Donald Tusk

Among the most famous cases considered by the District Court in Warsaw was the one in which judges banned Law and Justice from disseminating false information about the unemployment rate during Donald Tusk’s government. Party politicians claimed that it was 15 percent, but in fact it exceeded 14 percent. for just three months.

The same court also brought a lawsuit from Konfederacja, which demanded that “Gazeta Wyborcza” correct allegedly false information about the health voucher. However, the judges rejected this request.

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The minister had to apologize to the president of the PSL. The PiS voivode won against the PO MP

The District Court in Kraków considered, among others: a case involving the president of PSL, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, and the Minister of Agriculture, Robert Telus. Ultimately, the PiS representative was ordered to apologize to the head of PSL after the main edition of TVP’s “Wiadomości” for earlier words that Kosiniak-Kamysz “stole money from OFE”.

The voivode of Małopolska from PiS, Łukasz Kmita, also won in the Krakow court. He was accused by MP Marek Sowa from PO of having “done nothing about the sinkholes in Trzebinia”. A member of parliament from the Civic Platform was ordered to publish an apology.

Before the District Court in Białystok, Jacek Sasin demanded a correction from the candidate for the Sejm from the KO list, Robert Tyszkiewicz, for his words about the alleged involvement of the Minister of State Assets in the scandal related to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the court dismissed Sasin’s lawsuit.


In turn, the court in Legnica agreed with the Nonpartisan Local Government Association, which sued TVP for omitting information about the survey’s support for their party in the main edition of “Wiadomości”. However, the Non-Party Local Government People lost the case against Donald Tusk, who called them a “PiS sidekick”.

Dariusz Matecki lost the lawsuit against the editor-in-chief of Onet

The District Court in Katowice dealt with the case of Grzegorz Płaczek from Konfederacja, who sued Magdalena Biejat from the Left in the electoral procedure for words about his party as a “brown force”. It was ruled that such a statement was admissible because Konfederacja presented content that “may bear signs of anti-Semitism.”

Dariusz Matecki, a candidate for the Sejm from the PiS list, won the electoral trial before the court in Szczecin against KO’s candidate Izabela Leszczyna. The judges found that she had told an untruth, pointing out that “Matecki had already received huge amounts of money to run the referendum campaign.”

However, on September 26, Dariusz Matecki lost the lawsuit against the editor-in-chief of Onet. The PiS politician decided to take legal action when Bartosz Węglarczyk wrote that comparing the actors and actresses playing in the film “The Green Border” to a pre-war actor collaborating with the Germans and executed under the sentence of the Underground State was a call to murder people.

The KO MP won three cases against PiS politicians

KO MP Agnieszka Pomaska ​​won three cases before the District Court in Gdańsk. She sued three United Right politicians: deputy head of the Ministry of Culture Jarosław Sellin, PiS MEP Anna Zalewska and Sovereign Poland MEP Patryk Jaki. It was about the suggestion that the KO parliamentarian was the author of a vulgar statement aimed at PiS, which was behind the window of the car she was standing next to.

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