The promotion didn’t help. This is how tickets for the Poland match are sold

The promotion didn’t help. This is how tickets for the Poland match are sold
The promotion didn’t help. This is how tickets for the Poland match are sold

Four wins, three losses and two draws with a goal balance of 11:10 – these are the achievements of the Polish national team in 2023, including matches in the embarrassing Euro 2024 qualifiers and a friendly match with Germany. The atmosphere around the team and the Polish Football Association is the worst in years, as shown by ticket sales before Tuesday’s friendly match with Latvia. On Sunday, we informed that there were still about 18,000 tickets available for purchase.

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Although the atmosphere around the team is not very positive and the weather outside is not pleasant, the Polish Football Association finally met the fans’ expectations and lowered ticket prices. How do they look? Now fans have to pay PLN 50 for category I seats, i.e. seats behind the goals. Seats in higher sectors, i.e. category II, cost around PLN 70. In turn, along the sideline of the pitch – PLN 90. Additionally, special tickets are also available, such as a family ticket, i.e. a guardian and a child up to 12 years of age – PLN 50 plus PLN 30. This is a significant reduction compared to PLN 120 for category I, PLN 180 for category II and PLN 240 for category III, which were in force during the qualifying matches for Euro 2024.

The National Stadium will not be filled to capacity during the match against Latvia

So what is the situation with ticket sales less than 24 hours before the first whistle? It turns out that it’s not much better than the day before. According to Wojciech Górski from Interia, nearly 17,000 tickets are still on sale. “This means that almost 1/3 of PGE Narodowy may be empty,” he added.


And in fact – when you go to the website where you can buy a ticket, you can see that in many sectors there are from 500 to even over 800 tickets available for purchase. Therefore, there is no chance that the National Stadium in Warsaw, with over 58,000 seats, will be filled to capacity and the attendance can be expected to be just over 40,000 spectators.

The match will start on Tuesday, November 21 at 8:45 p.m., and Michał Probierz has already announced the squad for this match at today’s press conference.

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