Poles show the new government what it should save on


In the Sejm elections held on October 15, KO won 157 seats, Trzecia Droga – 65, and Nowa Lewica – 26, which gives them a majority of 248 MPs.

Poles want such savings

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In the latest United Surveys survey for “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” and RMF FM, the following questions were asked: what should the new government save on?

Most respondents, 66 percent replied that to reducing the number of deputy ministers and government plenipotentiaries. “DGP” points out that this may be related to the fact that Mateusz Morawiecki’s cabinet broke a record in terms of its number.

61 percent respondents want the new prime minister to reduce the number of ministries and institutions subordinate to him.

“Quite a lot, actually 51 percent respondents support the idea of ​​introducing income criteria with payment 800 plus. The ideas of abandoning the previous government’s flagship initiatives, such as the CPK or investing in nuclear energy, enjoy much less support. The minimum support is only 12 percent. “We are happy with the idea of ​​limiting military spending,” reports “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”.


The daily also previously reported that its findings show that There are to be fewer ministers in the new government (now the government has 28 ministers and 17 ministries), but not necessarily ministries.

Changes in the new government

The Ministry of Industry would mainly be the regulator ensuring the country’s energy security and decarbonization. However, the processes related to the management of the so-called the green transformation and the spending of EU funds on new investments could be handled by the current Ministry of Climate and Environment.


A division of the Ministry of Education and Science is also very possible.


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