They threatened her with rape and death. The tennis player showed terrifying news

They threatened her with rape and death. The tennis player showed terrifying news
They threatened her with rape and death. The tennis player showed terrifying news

Natalija Stevanović appeared on the court in Guadalajara for the first time since qualifying for the US Open. In New York, the Serbian suffered an injury in the first match against Katrina Scott and retired at 2:6, 3:3, which meant she didn’t even have the opportunity to fight for the main tournament.

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Natalija Stevanović showed scandalous news. She was threatened with rape and death

She started the competition in Mexico with a victory over the American Sofia Sewing 6:2, 7:5, and in the second match she faced her compatriot Maria Mateas. The Serbian lost the first game 3:6, but in the second she led 5:2. From that moment on, she lost the next five games and, consequently, the entire match 3:6, 5:7 and was eliminated from the competition.

After the defeat in Mexico, the 29-year-old received a lot of hateful messages. She decided to publish the more drastic ones on Instagram.

“I was satisfied with the transition to the second round of qualifying because I survived the match without pain, while in the second round this was not the case and I asked for a medical break three times. This is certainly not an excuse for the defeat, but I am simply a player who believes until the last moment. that something can change and turn the tide of the match,” she wrote on social media.

The messages threatened her with rape and death. The player decided to publish everything and said that other tennis players also receive similar comments after defeats.

“What should I say after all this? Should I be afraid for my life just because I lost the match after being injured? The players give their all on the pitch, and such threats are really serious,” wrote Stevanović.


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She decided to act

“I am publishing this for the first time because I am fed up with such messages, when I am not winning. So far, I have not reported threats, because most of the messages were threats, but they were not repeated,” said the Serbian player.

“It’s different now because people write that they know where I live and that they won’t calm down until they do something bad to me. I feel safe with my husband, but you never know what might come to these people’s minds. I’m not a person , who reads all these offensive messages, but this time they also became threats. That’s why I decided that they should be revealed, so that people know about the feeling of fear that these messages cause after a ‘bad’ day at work,” she concluded.

Stevanović has won 14 tournaments, all at ITF ranks. The highest ranking in her career was 145th place in the WTA rankings.

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