Slag. Betard Sparta did not expect such a good performance. “The fight for gold is not over”


Betard Sparta won as many as 39 points in Lublin, although they had to cope without Tai Woffinden and Maciej Janowski. – There were three of them. I didn’t expect such a good performance from them – says former Motor player, Jerzy Głogowski.

Bogumił Burczyk
September 18, 2023, 18:17

WP SportoweFakty / Patryk Kowalski / In the photo: Tai Woffinden (on the left) and Maciej Janowski

If Platinum Motor Lublin defeated Betard Sparta and decided the fate of the competition in the first match, on the home track, no one would probably be surprised.

Instead of playing against the hosts of Sunday’s match, the players from Wrocław had to deal with personnel problems caused by injuries to Tai Woffinden and Maciej Janowski.

He didn’t expect Sparta to perform so well

Ultimately, the remaining speedway riders performed admirably and won a result that theoretically does not prevent Sparta from winning gold. – The engine had its problems. Bartosz Zmarzlik lacked speed, both at the start and over the distance. Dominik Kubera wasn’t himself either. Betard Sparta set the bar high, even though they entered the match weakened. Honestly, I didn’t think that the Wrocław team would get as many as 39 points – says former Motor Lublin speedway rider, Jerzy Głogowski, in an interview with WP SportoweFakty.WATCH THE VIDEO: Kacper Woryna’s drastic decline. The athlete translates

– I expected their achievement to be slightly smaller, around 36 points. Dariusz Śledź’s team had tactical reserves at their disposal. He took advantage of the fact that Artiom Łaguta, Piotr Pawlicki and the almost infallible Daniel Bewley were riding very well that day. The weaker attitude of the hosts in several races, for example in the fifteenth, had an impact on the result – he adds.

Hampel and Bewley stole the show

The most effective player in the visiting camp was Daniel Bewley, who scored sixteen points with a bonus. In turn, Jarosław Hampel performed best in the home team. – The Spartans were actually going in three. If Bartłomiej Kowalski, who has been riding very well lately, had added more points, it would have been hot. There’s a lot of time left until the final. The fate of the competition is absolutely not certain. Twelve points are a lot on the one hand, but a little on the other. It certainly cannot be said that the advantage guarantees gold – emphasizes Głogowski.

– We will see what form individual speedway riders will be in next week, everything depends on it. It is possible that Tai Woffinden will return, and maybe Maciej Janowski. Behind the scenes, various solutions are being discussed to get this duo back on their feet. Although it is not known whether both players will be able to meet expectations, but I think that this two-legged match may be interesting – continues the former player.


He bets on Motor

Motor Lublin won the first confrontation of both teams this season at the Olympic Stadium. What will it be like this time?

– However, you must be aware that everything has two sides to the coin. Some Motor players also have reserves. Moreover, the team really likes riding in Wrocław and won there in the regular round. Although theoretically anything can happen, I believe that Motor will not only become the Polish champion, but will also win the second match. This is a strong team, defending the title and showing good form. I don’t write off Sparta, but these are my predictions – concluded Jerzy Głogowski.

Bogumił Burczyk, journalist of WP SportoweFakty

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