CBOS: 92 percent of respondents support Poland’s membership in the EU

CBOS: 92 percent of respondents support Poland’s membership in the EU
CBOS: 92 percent of respondents support Poland’s membership in the EU

Polish and EU flags, Photo. PAP / Darek Delmanowicz

92 percent of respondents support Poland’s membership of the EU, and 5 percent. she is opposed to it, according to a CBOS study. 70 percent of respondents support Poland’s withdrawal from some changes in the judiciary in order to initiate payments from the EU Reconstruction Fund, 12 percent are opposed to concessions.

In the June poll, CBOS asked the respondents about their attitude towards EU membership and the development of European integration, about the perception of Poland’s sovereignty, support for withdrawing from some changes in the judiciary and about the assessment of how the EU copes with various challenges.

Support for our country’s membership of the European Union was declared by a record high percentage – 92 percent. respondents. Only 5 percent of the respondents expressed their objection. respondents. 3 percent had no opinion.

Supporters of EU membership include voters of all political groups that currently enjoy the greatest public support (KO and Poland 2050 – 100 percent, Left – 98 percent, PiS – 92 percent). 76% – supporters, 24% – opponents).

As CBOS emphasizes, while the membership in the EU itself is not questioned, the subject of the direction in which the EU should go is much more controversial. Most respondents (38%) would like to deepen integration between all EU countries. 29 percent However, it is in favor of preserving the current state of integration, and a noticeable group (16%) are also supporters of its limitation and increasing the role of nation states. Only very few would like Poland to leave the EU (3 per cent) or to establish a “multi-speed” Europe (4 per cent). 9 percent had no opinion.

The question of sovereignty was also examined in the survey. Despite the disputes surrounding these issues, the assessment of Poland’s sovereignty does not change much over time. In the opinion of 55 percent. of respondents (3 points more than in October 2021) EU membership does not restrict Poland’s independence too much. 33% agree with the opinion that presence in the Community limits the independence of our country too much. subjects. 12 percent had no opinion.

The respondents were also asked for their opinion on the National Reconstruction Plan. 70 percent supports Poland’s withdrawal from some changes in the judiciary so that it would be possible to initiate payments for Poland from the EU Reconstruction Fund (40% strongly supports). 12 percent are against concessions. of the respondents (4 percent definitely). 18 percent had no opinion.

As emphasized by CBOS, despite the widespread support for EU membership and considerable approval for the further development of European integration, the assessment of the way in which the Union is dealing with new challenges is not unequivocally positive. Taking into account the five important issues that the EU has dealt with in recent years, the policy towards the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences have been assessed relatively well (55% positive, 33% negative), the war in Ukraine (52% to 37% .) and the policy of respecting the rule of law in the European Union countries (52% to 30%). The EU climate policy (42% positive and 39% negative) and migration policy (40% to 39%) are more controversial.

The CBOS survey was carried out from May 30 to June 9, 2022 as part of the mixed-mode procedure on a representative sample of adult Polish residents of 1050 (including: 61.6% using the CAPI method, 23.1% – CATI and 15 , 2 percent – CAWI). (PAP)

Author: Daria Kania, Maria Łapińska

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