Fabulous holidays of Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo: hanging around on a luxury yacht, night party in Ibiza and fashion show in France (PHOTOS)


Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo They are one of the most popular and wealthiest show business couples, so when they plan a vacation, they don’t care about expenses. A few days ago, a footballer with his beloved have rented a luxury yacht worth over £ 5 million and swam off the coast of Ibiza. The paparazzi took a few photos that show Georgina, who was pregnant not so long ago, in great shape. The celebrity relaxed taking a bath, and Ronaldo flexed his muscles as he sunbathed on the deck.

Later, the lovers took advantage of the benefits of Ibiza’s nightlife and went to the party. Georgina and Cristiano wore sparkling necklaces that stood out on their brown necklines. The couple danced, hugged and kissed as they partyed at the El Lio nightclub.

However, this is not the end of the millionaires’ holiday travels. Shortly after returning from Ibiza, Georgina Rodriguez appeared as a guest at the Jacquemus fashion show, which was held a short distance from the coastal city of Arles, France. The 28-year-old highlighted the figure with an elegant black dress with bare shoulders.

Just to envy such an entertaining holiday?


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At least it shows that she was recently pregnant. Plus she looks like a normal woman

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I will just write that Georgia has a beautiful body and I’m running away from here so as not to read the comments of women who will call her fat and boast at what time they returned to the figure after pregnancy :)))

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Since when does sitting on the beach in a costume use the opportunity to show off your figure? He has to sit in down jackets or golf

I lost two pregnancies myself two years ago. She gave birth to a daughter and a SON !!! OOKKRUUTTNNEE !!! it is for a woman, as you keep writing, only that she gave birth to a daughter !! I will still and always remember my angels, let alone him when she gave birth to the twins !!! … On behalf of women and families who lost their children, I am begging you to change your statements in the articles.

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I was blown away by Ronaldo’s neckline … with or without a necklace. I live for many years, but I haven’t heard anything like it. Thanks to “editor” Baby, lol

This is Latin beauty and shapes. These women have wide and massive hips. They will never be filigree. Especially since she has recently given birth to children. For me, these are female shapes, not boyish emaciated sticks.

I don’t want to hate but I’m sorry it’s not a beautiful figure in a bikini .. a normal figure after pregnancy, nothing to be impressed with

Fallen out, but she was pregnant, let’s leave her alone if you want to get back into shape or Odessaja lard in the Krystian clinic will pay. Don’t be stupid about making a woman look like this. This is what a hippo is supposed to look like


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