Robert Karas at the finish line! He crushed the world record in 10 times Ironman –

Robert Karas at the finish line! He crushed the world record in 10 times Ironman –
Robert Karas at the finish line! He crushed the world record in 10 times Ironman –

On Saturday, May 27, around 10:15 am Polish time, Robert Karaś completed the 10-fold Ironman distance, covering 38 km of swimming, 1800 km of cycling and 422 km of running. Despite huge health problems, the Pole set a new world record of 164 hours 14 minutes and 2 seconds, better than the previous one by as much as 18 hours and 29 minutes.

The Brasil Ultra Tri competition in Rio de Janeiro started on Saturday, May 20 at 15:00 Polish time.

The first competition was swimming in a 50-meter pool. Karaś finished this stage as the first with a result 3 minutes better than last year in Swiss Buchs. He got out of the water after exactly 9 hours and 41 minutes.

The 34-year-old then got on his bike and completed 240 loops of 7.765 km each. In total, this gave a distance of 1800 km. It was then that Karaś had his first health problems. The player’s team informed about the renewal of the injury that excluded the Pole from further competition in the 10-time Ironman last year.

From injury to injury

The health crisis was averted and Robert Karaś completed the cycling stage on Tuesday before 22:00 Polish time. It took him about 69 hours. After a short sleep, the ultratriathlete set off on a running route, which was a 1.6 km loop. To cover the distance of 422 km, he had to make a total of 262 such laps.

Along the way, the 34-year-old ultratriathlete was not spared from injuries, e.g. feet, and with about 50 km to go, he announced that he had suffered anterior tibial myositis.

– Couldn’t finish the race today. Only 14 laps left. My leg is in such bad shape that we need to get it treated. Health is most important. We’ll probably leave in the morning, and I probably won’t be able to run it, just walk ithe said Robert Karas on the recording he posted on Instagram before 2:00 a.m. Polish time.

Finally, Robert Karaś reached the finish line with the result of 164 hours 14 minutes and 2 seconds. This result is better by as much as 18 hours and 29 minutes than the previous world record set a year ago in Switzerland by Belgian Kenneth Vanthuyne.

Two other Poles are taking part in the competition in Rio de Janeiro: Jurand Czabański and Rafał Go Dzwon. Both are on the running track. Czabański also struggles with tibial muscle inflammation and according to the latest information, he is marching to the finish line.

Man of Iron

Robert Karaś is one of the most successful ultratriathletes in the world. In 2017, he became the champion and world record holder in the double Ironman distance. Two years later, he repeated this success and improved his own record by over an hour (18 hours, 44 minutes, 38 seconds). In 2018, he became the champion and world record holder in the triple Ironman (30 hours, 48 ​​minutes, 57 seconds).


In 2021, in Mexico, Leon won the world championship in the five-time Ironman distance and broke the world record (67 hours, 58 minutes and 1 second), which was improved a year later by Adrian Kostera (67 hours, 45 minutes and 51 seconds).

In 2022, Robert Karaś failed to complete the ten-time Ironman competition held in Switzerland. The Pole had a huge advantage over his rivals, but at the running stage he had to withdraw for health reasons. The competition was won by the Belgian Kenneth Vanthuyne, who set the current world record, and the third place was taken by Adrian Kostera.

Karaś and FAME MMA for Michalina

At the competition in Brazil, Karaś represents the freak fight FAME MMA federation. Together with his sponsor, the triathlete organized a charity event for the benefit of the less than three-year-old Michalina Kuna, who is under the care of the Foundation for Children on Time with Help.

The girl suffers from hypochondroplasia. It is a congenital disease that leads to abnormal endochondral ossification, resulting in impaired bone development and dwarfism. Satisfactory effects in the disease are brought by growth hormone therapy.

For each kilometer that Robert Karaś covered during the race, FAME MMA will donate 10 km for Michalinka’s treatment. The triathlon route is as much as 2,260 km, so it is already known that the parents of the three-year-old will receive PLN 22,600.



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