Pilecki convicted under the law? There is an answer from the PiS MP

Pilecki convicted under the law? There is an answer from the PiS MP
Pilecki convicted under the law? There is an answer from the PiS MP

Oh you mental Bolshevik!” – Radosław Fogiel, MP from Law and Justice, wrote on Twitter in response to the outrageous entry by Jerzy Krajewski, Director of the European Business Institute, regarding the murder of Captain Witold Pilecki by the communist court.

President of ULAN Sp. z o. o., the editor-in-chief of the EuropejskiFirma.pl portal and the director of the European Business Institute, Jerzy Krajewski referred in controversial words to the recently celebrated figure of Captain Witold Pilecki.

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Krajewski decided that the communist regime had sentenced Witold Pilecki to death for spying for foreign powers in the eyes of the law.

Witold Pilecki was sentenced to death for high treason, for spying for powers hostile to Poland, who wanted to take the Recovered Territories from us. Judgments were issued by legal courts of a legal Polish state recognized by the international community. The death sentence was carried out

Jerzy Krajewski wrote on Twitter.

MP Radosław Krajewski briefly assessed Jerzy Krajewski’s Internet statement.


Oh you mental Bolshevik!

– PiS MP Radosław Fogiel replied to him.

Maciej Świrski also referred to the entry.

Poland is a free country and anyone can say whatever nonsense they want. But this nonsense is unique because it is on the level of communist propaganda, concurrent with today’s Russian disinformation. With today’s widespread lack of knowledge about the realities of the Cold War, this kind of nonsense can take root in the brains of the young generation, especially since the cult of the Indomitable Soldiers young under 25 years of age. stopped attracting. The need for new attractors for patriotic values. And the author of the following crap is just targeting this age group

– wrote the chairman of the National Broadcasting Council.

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