Slag. Betard Sparta drives like a cylinder. Cellfast Wolves devoured in the leader’s territory

Slag. Betard Sparta drives like a cylinder. Cellfast Wolves devoured in the leader’s territory
Slag. Betard Sparta drives like a cylinder. Cellfast Wolves devoured in the leader’s territory

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Tomasz Janiszewski
May 26, 2023, 22:29

The result may not indicate it, but Betard Sparta Wrocław and Cellfast Wilki Krosno created a quite decent spectacle on Friday evening. The leader of the table, driving like a steamroller, turned out to be merciless and smashed the newcomers of PGE Ekstraliga – 62:28.

The league battle between the clubs from Wrocław and Krosno took place on Friday for the first time in a quarter of a century. In 1998, Sparta raced in the backroom of the highest level under the banner of Atlas, confidently winning promotion and later never leaving the group of leading teams in Poland. Then, the speedway riders from the capital of Lower Silesia, together with their current coach Dariusz Śledz, twice defeated the then ŻKS Leżajsk, whose colors were defended by the current Wilków coach, Ireneusz Kwieciński.

Before the clash at the Olympic Stadium in the 7th round of PGE Ekstraliga, it could have been expected that the hosts would win big, although maybe not as much as at the end of the 20th century, when it was 69:21. After all, since the beginning of the season, they have been winning after victory, they were able to win even in Lublin, while the guests, after three successful meetings, dropped their tone in the next three. It also quickly turned out that there was no question of any reduced fare here, because the inhabitants of Wrocław probably started heading for the seventh triumph in this year’s campaign.

Although it started with nothing from Tai Woffinden, who was “dealed” over the distance by Vaclav Milik and Jason Doyle, but already from the junior race, in which Kacper Andrzejewski showed great driving in the field, the leader of the league table began to clearly dominate Wilki. And it would be even better, because it was the 16-year-old in the fourth run that kept Krzysztof Kasprzak behind him for a long time and at 5:1 with Daniel Bewley. Unfortunately, towards the end he overcharged and fell dangerously just before the finish line. However, he collected a huge ovation from the stadium tightly filled with fans.

The difference between the first and the other was strongly marked in the second series, in which none of the five seniors of Sparta suffered a defeat and before the break for surface cosmetics it was already 29:13. We had emotions in the sixth race, in which Bartłomiej Kowalski was leading with Doyle, but he let himself be overtaken, and then the Australian was very close to being bitten at the finish line by Maciej Janowski, vigilant as a dragonfly.

The captain of the five-time team champions of the country was very well disposed throughout the evening, even if he did not immediately leave the tape. The others also took away the desire to fight the Wolves with each race. This was shown above all by the ninth, in which Andrzej Lebedev went as a tactical reserve, but in a duet with Doyle they clearly lost to the British pair of Woffinden – Daniel Bewley.

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At this point, we had to accept the fact that we would have a pogrom in Wrocław, although in the tenth race the brave Krosno players finally won individually. And in what style! Irritated by the earlier failure, Lebedev showed his back to the undefeated: Pawlicki and Artem Laguta. The duel between the Latvian and the Pole aspires to be one of the best this year. Both of them were shuffling for the full three laps, showing phenomenal speedway. It was entertainment in its purest form.


Thus, Janowski and Bewley, who rode together in race thirteen, still had a chance for a paid set. Their rival there was driven by the spectacular “three” Lebedev. The locals, however, found a way to him quite easily, which finished off the visitors in this series, because earlier it was 5:1 and 4:2. There was no shortage of prosecution anyway, but it was hardly any consolation for the downtrodden Wolves. The result before the last two heats was merciless for them (54:24).

In the first of the nominees, there was a chance for Kasprzak’s victory, but what if Bartłomiej Kowalski and Woffinden simply “cooked” the Wilki rider on the second corner of the second lap, thus rushing for another 5:1 in this competition. The fifteenth race of the day was Janowski’s show, who, alone after the exclusion of Pawlicki after a fall in the first set, defeated Doyle and Lebedev without any problems. Thus, Betard Sparta won the whole match by as many as 34 points.


Betard Sparta Wroclaw – 62
9. Tai Woffinden – 11+1 (0,3,2*,3,3)
10. Daniel Bewley – 10+2 (3.2*,3.2*)
11. Artem Laguta – 9+2 (3.2*,1*,3,-)
12. Piotr Pawlicki – 10+1 (3,3,2,2*,in)
13. Maciej Janowski – 14+1 (2*,3,3,3,3)
14. Kacper Andrzejewski – 1 (1,u,0)
15. Bartholomew Kowalski – 7+1 (3,1,1,2*)

Cellfast Wilki Krosno – 28
1. Jason Doyle – 8+1 (1*,2,1,0,2,2)
2. Piotr Świercz – n
3. Vaclav Milik – 4+1 (2,1,1*,0,0)
4. Krzysztof Kasprzak – 6 (2,0,2,1,1)
5. Andrei Lebedev – 7 (1,1,0,3,1,1)
6. Christopher Sadurski – 1 (0,1,0)
7. Szymon Bandur – 2 (2,0,0)
8. Denis Zielinski – 0 (0.0)

Run after run:
1. (63.87) Laguta, Milik, Doyle, Woffinden – 3:3 – (3:3)
2. (64.05) Kowalski, Bandur, Andrzejewski, Sadurski – 4:2 – (7:5)
3. (63.48) Pawlicki, Janowski, Lebedev, Zielinski – 5:1 – (12:6)
4. (63.25) Bewley, Kasprzak, Sadurski, Andrzejewski (u/4) – 3:3 – (15:9)
5. (64.03) Pawlicki, Laguta, Milik, Kasprzak – 5:1 – (20:10)
6. (64.29) Janowski, Doyle, Kowalski, Zielinski – 4:2 – (24:12)
7. (63.88) Woffinden, Bewley, Lebedev, Bandur – 5:1 – (29:13)
8. (64.07) Janowski, Kasprzak, Milik, Andrzejewski – 3:3 – (32:16)
9. (63.62) Bewley, Woffinden, Doyle, Lebedev – 5:1 – (37:17)
10. (64.34) Lebedev, Pawlicki, Laguta, Sadurski – 3:3 – (40:20)
11. (64.66) Woffinden, Pawlicki, Kasprzak, Doyle – 5:1 – (45:21)
12. (63.89) Laguta, Doyle, Kowalski, Bańdur – 4:2 – (49:23)
13. (63.85) Janowski, Bewley, Lebedev, Milik – 5:1 – (54:24)
14. (65.35) Woffinden, Kowalski, Kasprzak, Milik – 5:1 – (59:25)
15. (64.82) Janowski, Doyle, Lebedev, Pawlicki (w/u) – 3:3 – (62:28)

Judge: Peter Fox
Track Commissioner: Pawel Stangret
Starter pack: II
Frequency: about 13,500 spectators
NCD: 63.25 seconds – Daniel Bewley (Sparta) in heat 4.

GKSŻ initiated disciplinary proceedings against the commissioner
Representatives of Wolves questioned for two hours. They took the initiative
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The article is in Polish

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