Deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus. Cichanouska: an obvious threat

Deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus. Cichanouska: an obvious threat
Deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus. Cichanouska: an obvious threat

The Belarusian oppositionist was asked by “Rzeczpospolita” what the document signed on Thursday by the defense ministers of Russia and Belarus on the deployment of Russian non-strategic nuclear weapons in Belarus means for her country.

Cichanouska explained that “the deployment of nuclear weapons is illegal.” — This is contrary to the Belarusian constitution and the will of Belarusians, who are in favor of the status of a nuclear-free country. In this way, Minsk violates the international obligations to which Belarus has signed under the Budapest Memorandum and the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. Belarus is becoming a hostage to the decisions of the Russian authorities, she said.

— The deployment of nuclear weapons increases the permanent Russian military presence in our country and strengthens Russia’s control over Belarus. This step is an obvious threat to the independence of Belarus. We are working with international organizations and national governments to prevent this from happening. We will demand the withdrawal of Russian forces and other military facilities from our country, added Cichanouska.

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Cichanouska: it doesn’t matter where the revolution starts, in Gomel or Grodno

The journalist pointed out that the armed units of the Russian opposition had already entered Russia several times, and recently they appeared in the Belgorod region, where the fighting lasted for two days. The leader of the Belarusian opposition was asked whether if Kalinowski’s regiment ever entered Belarus and occupied, for example, Gomel, would she go there to raise the white-red-white flag of free Belarus?


Cichanouska explained that “it’s not about taking a city, you still need to maintain your positions. And for that you need the support of Belarusians and democratic countries that would support our revolution.”

— It is not important where the revolution will start, in Gomel or, for example, in Grodno. It must be a mass uprising, one united Belarusian force. Alone, Kalinowski’s regiment or Swiatłana Cichanouska will do nothing, said the oppositionist in an interview published in Friday’s Rzeczpospolita.

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