Medvedev says how “Ukraine will disappear”. It has three scenarios

Medvedev says how “Ukraine will disappear”. It has three scenarios
Medvedev says how “Ukraine will disappear”. It has three scenarios

Medvedev is known for his outrageous comments on social media regarding the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. He recently warned on Telegram that if Ukraine joins NATO, “the Russian Federation will have to respond sharply with all possible means.” In his statements, he often hits NATO countries, including Poland. He called it “a state that should not exist.” Now he writes similar words about Ukraine.

“The time has come to tell how Ukraine will disappear and what is the risk of a renewed conflict in Europe and the world,” writes the former Russian president on Telegram. And he adds: “It will depend on how the process of disintegration of this dying state as a result of a lost armed conflict will go.”

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Medvedev: we need a third option

Dmitry Medvedev presents three scenarios of Ukraine’s “disappearance” on Telegram. The first option is that the western regions of Ukraine come under the control of EU countries, with the possibility of their complete annexation in the future. The remaining part of the country – apart from the areas occupied by Russia – declares itself a free Ukraine and over time demands the return of the lands seized by Putin’s country. And then “the armed conflict resumes after a short time, turning into a permanent one, but with the threat of quickly turning into a full-fledged third world war,” Medvedev predicts.

The second scenario envisages the partition of Ukraine between Western states and Russia. Ukraine’s government is forming in exile, and “Ukrainian Nazis” remain in Europe. The risk of armed conflict is still there, but moderate.


The third option is the best for Russia. Part of Ukraine is occupied by NATO countries, part by Russia, and the remaining “free” Ukraine declares its willingness to join Putin’s state. Her request is granted and the threat of another conflict averted.

“We can be content with the second option for the time being, but we need a third,” concludes Medvedev.

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