Affair in La Liga! The club wants to annul the match

Affair in La Liga! The club wants to annul the match
Affair in La Liga! The club wants to annul the match

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Kamil Sobala
May 26, 2023, 10:23

Espanyol “rolled out the heavy guns”. In his official statement, he announces steps to annul the meeting with “El Atleti”.

The last match between Espanyol Barcelona and Atletico Madrid (ending 3:3) brought a lot of emotions. The clash at Estadi Cornella-El Prat was full of as many as six goals, but also huge controversy due to Antoine Griezmann’s acclaimed goal in the 44th minute.

According to the hosts, the Frenchman’s goal should not have been recognized because the ball did not cross the goal line. According to them, the referee did not receive a clear frame during the VAR analysis, which made him make the wrong decision.

The club received information that it could not count on sending them recordings of umpires’ conversations or images from cameras. VAR manager Carlos Clos Gomez said it was against the rules.

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So Espanyol “rolled out the heavy guns”, alleging in their official statement that the result of the competition was distorted. “Therefore, we are dealing with match rigging and obvious negligence in the application of the rules and the use of available technology, which results in irreparable damage to our Club. As a result of yesterday’s match, our situation in the table has deteriorated” – it was written.

“In view of the above, RCD Espanyol believes that its rights have been violated, feeling seriously aggrieved by this, we will proceed to dispute yesterday’s match and therefore request an agreement to nullify it,” it added.

After the draw with Atletico “Blanquiazules” occupy the penultimate place in the table. They are only three points away from the nearest place above the relegation zone.

As planned, there are two queues left for Luis Garcia’s charge to improve his situation. On May 28, they will face Valencia away, and a week later they will close the season at home with Almería.

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