A Pole from the NBA will play for the national team? There is a declaration

A Pole from the NBA will play for the national team? There is a declaration
A Pole from the NBA will play for the national team? There is a declaration

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Jacob Artych
May 26, 2023, 07:21

Jeremy Sochan is in his rookie season in the NBA. Now, he has spoken about his plans for the off-season. He also added what about his game in the Polish national team.

The 19-year-old performed very well in his debut season at the NBA level. Before his knee injury, Jeremy Sochan had great stats. Unfortunately, his San Antonio Spurs with a weakened lineup ultimately failed to qualify for the playoffs. In the end, he averaged 11 points and 5.3 rebounds per game.

A page from the calendar appeared on The Sporting News website, and the Polish representative turned out to be the hero. Sochan told, among other things, how he works after the end of the NBA games for himself.

A typical week for me is two days training, then one day off, two days training again, then the weekend off. I usually start training early in the morning and until 12 or 1 pm I work on my body, fitness, but also watch various videos, talk to coaches, analyze play-off recordings and do individual exercises – emphasizes the Spurs player.


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From the Polish point of view, the most important topic to be played by Sochana in White and Red colors. Fans remember the case of Marcin Gortat, who, while playing in the NBA, did not always have time for representative duties. How will it be with the basket?

– It is possible that I will go to Milan when the NBPA (athletes’ association) organizes workshops there (training and business meetings), so that may be one of the options. I also have commitments, such as the NBA Summer League and appearances for the Polish national team – he declared.

Let us remind you that the next match of the Polish national team will be played on June 16, and the rival of our team in a friendly match will be Germany.

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