The government promises a special credit. They will be received by companies buying grain and fruit


The head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development announced on Friday on Polish Radio 24 that the government is preparing a regulation on working capital loans for companies purchasing grain and soft fruit. As he explained, it’s about “up to PLN 40 million at 2 percent for 18 months, and the rest will be paid by the state.” Telus pointed out that in order to take advantage of such a loan, “grain and soft fruit must be purchased from a Polish farmer and fruit grower.”

The government announces a special loan for 2 percent.

– Small companies that bought from a Polish farmer (…) are buried. This is why we want to help small businesseswhich they buy from a Polish farmer, so that they have the funds to buy from the farmer in the new (…) harvest, grain perspective. Therefore, a new loan for purchasing companies – up to PLN 40 million for 18 months. This is new, announced Telus.

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The minister, when asked when the regulation will come into force, replied: “The decision is made, but we have to wait for notification. The European Union must allow us to launch our funds. As a country, we have launched PLN 10 billion in grain aid and we are entering soft fruit. This is “There’s a problem. We have to ask the European Union about everything. That’s how the mechanism works. But they have to say that all our ideas are positively notified,” he noted.

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