Thebas apologized to Vinicius. He came up with an interesting theory

Thebas apologized to Vinicius. He came up with an interesting theory
Thebas apologized to Vinicius. He came up with an interesting theory

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David Frank
May 26, 2023, 09:16

There are still echoes in Spain after the racist insults that flew towards Vinicius during the Valencia-Real match. La Liga boss Javier Tebas apologized to the footballer for his tweets.

Recall that in the end of the match Valencia – Real Madrid (1: 0) Vinicius Junior received a red card after he got into a fight with a rival. Later, the Competition Committee canceled this penalty. Earlier during the meeting, the Brazilian was notoriously racistly insulted. He even issued a statement in which he emphasized that La Liga authorities are not doing much to fight racism.

This, in turn, infuriated Javier Tebas, the head of the competition. On Twitter, the Spaniard attacked the Real Madrid star with some facts.

“Those who should are not explaining to you what La Liga can and does in the event of racism, because we tried to explain it to you, but you did not show up for either of the two agreed dates that you yourself asked for. Before you start criticizing and insulting La Liga , you need to inform yourself properly. Don’t let yourself be manipulated and make sure you understand our competence and the work we do, “he wrote.

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Vinicius answered him very quickly, claiming that Tebas is promoting himself in social media instead of acting in real life. The Brazilian accused the activist of attacking him.


“I am not your friend with whom you can talk about racism. I want action and punishment,” is part of a tweet published by the Real Madrid footballer.

Tebas has recently apparently decided that there is no point in arguing with the player. First on Twitter, he responded to his words, and later at a special press conference.

“Neither Spain nor LaLiga are racist, it’s not fair to say that,” Tebas tweeted.

“We have reported nine cases of racist slurs this season (eight against Vinicius). We always identify the thugs responsible and forward the complaints to the appropriate authorities who have the right to punish them. No matter how few there are, our efforts are relentless” – added.

At a press conference, Tebas apologized directly to the Brazilian. “I’m sorry if you were offended by the tweet, but I didn’t mean to accuse you,” he said, before making a theory. “Vinicius is insulted because he’s a great player, the greats have always been the ones who get the most insults, they generate the malice of people,” he said.

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