high school teachers stand up for the suspended principal. PiS MP with an appeal to Barbara Nowak

high school teachers stand up for the suspended principal. PiS MP with an appeal to Barbara Nowak
high school teachers stand up for the suspended principal. PiS MP with an appeal to Barbara Nowak

In the middle of last year, the director of the 3rd High School in Tarnów, Jan Ryba, informed the Family Court about suspicions of violence that one of the students allegedly experienced at home. In addition, the prosecutor’s office received a notification from one of the girl’s family members. Finally, in April, the District Prosecutor’s Office charged the student’s mother with mental and physical abuse. In response to the director’s step, the woman wrote complaints, including to the school board, which initiated several inspections at the school.

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The director of the facility was later charged with, inter alia, providing inadequate psychological and pedagogical support to students. The Disciplinary Committee for Teachers at the Maopolskie Voivode initiated proceedings. And this means that until the matter is clarified, Jan Ryba is to be suspended in the coming days. According to the headmaster and teachers, this proceeding is directly related to the application to the Family Court that he made.

– I feel very bad about it, I feel that I was punished unjustly. I was punished for a good deed. Not yet, but it will be soon. I know that I helped this child. This student is now a completely different person than before. Now she is smiling, cheerful, colorful, she wants to live, she says to her father: how good it is to be a child, how good to feel the care of a parent. Someone will now ask themselves: is it worth reporting such cases. I know it’s worth it – said Ryba on Radio Krakw.

The Malopolska Education Superintendent, Barbara Nowak, did not want to comment on the case in an interview with Radio Kraków. “At the same time, she persuaded us to refrain from making judgments based on information provided by one side,” we read in the text on Radiokrakow.pl.

According to Onet.pl, a petition in defense of Jan Ryba was sent to the voivode, curator and head of the disciplinary committee by parents and teachers from III LO in Tarnów. They stressed that for 14 years Jan Ryba “has been managing the school tirelessly, exemplary and successfully”. They also added that it enjoys the sympathy of nearly a thousand students of the facility. “Today, we are all concerned about the inevitable destabilization of the functioning of our school in all areas of its operation as a result of such drastic and incomprehensible steps against the Director” – we read.


Tarnow. The director is threatened with suspension. PiS MP with an appeal

PiS MP Mirosława Stachowiak-Różecka, head of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Science and Youth, referred to the matter on Thursday evening in the “Debate of the Day” in Polsat News. “The even bigger problem in this case will not be this individual case of this director, but fear. If perhaps another director has a shadow of suspicion, he will say: “I will not lean out, because I will only have trouble” – commented the parliamentarian.

– Absolutely a matter to be verified and of course I appeal here to check it again as soon as possible, review and change decisions. It cannot be that the school principal is afraid to react to such signals. (…) In the public interest, the good of children and young people, I am asking and appealing to the probation officer to explain as soon as possible what this story is about, what the issue is, what the problem is. Absolutely encouraging and motivating, supporting directors in these cases rather than the other way around. I hope that this will be clarified as soon as possible – noted the PiS MP.

On Tuesday, MPs from the Civic Coalition – Katarzyna Lubnauer, Monika Rosa, Krystyna Szumilas and Aleksander Miszalski – are to go to the Maopolska board of trustees with parliamentary control. “For the help of a student – suspension from duties. This is how the law adopted by PiS on teacher disciplinary committees works” – commented Szumilas on Twitter.

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