The son had not been in such ecstasy for a long time. He enjoyed the championship as a child

The son had not been in such ecstasy for a long time. He enjoyed the championship as a child
The son had not been in such ecstasy for a long time. He enjoyed the championship as a child

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Iwona Lewandowska
May 26, 2023, 09:00

Every now and then I read in the media that my son is over. And then: pop, two goals again! For Mother’s Day, I will ask Robert to win the La Liga top scorer title. I have nothing against Mr. Benzema, but let him wait a little longer.

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Robert had not been in such ecstasy for a long time.

The advantage of Barcelona over Real was big, and the opponent from the bottom of the table, so people probably think that I was waiting for the title of Spanish champion calmly. None of these things! After all, when your opponent is fighting for relegation, it’s extremely difficult to play. As a favourite, sometimes you get tired, and other times it’s completely the opposite. I remember before the Champions League semi-final Bayern-Barcelona telling everyone around how difficult it would be. And what? Robert’s team won 8:2.

The ball is inverted.

Therefore, before the away meeting with Espanyol, I was afraid that it would fail, and then, God forbid, Barca would stumble again and get nervous at the end of the league. Fortunately, they won 4-2, Robert could enjoy his first championship in La Liga.

The first time we connected was when he was still in the locker room, but it was impossible to talk! Noise, shouts of joy, singing! We made an appointment for the next day. He called as the team rode an open-top bus through the streets of Barcelona celebrating the title with the fans.

“Mom, Munich was wonderful too, but nothing compares to this!”

Later, I saw his joyful dance in the media. Indeed – in Germany he has not danced like this for a long time! He enjoyed this championship as a child! I realized how happy he is.

Smile, sun, wonderful people around. This is why Ania and Robert acclimatized so quickly in Catalonia. Every day you can see that they feel great there.

The first year in Barcelona is really wonderful.
In European competition, the team was a bit unlucky, missing several important players due to injury. That’s what sports is. You train and everything is fine.

And soon you’re gone.


When the husband died, the son was sixteen years old. Sport was an escape from pain for him, it helped him survive. I was at his beck and call. “Mom, will you pick me up from West?” I got in the car and drove. He could easily come back alone or with a friend, but we both needed it. I was glad that I could help him. The worst is when you feel useless. Everyone likes to be pampered and noticed. And Robert immediately sees when something is bothering me. He knows how to make me happy.

– Mom, the last time you watched a game with us, I scored and we won. Come in now too!
I can count on him and he on me. We understand each other without words, we trust each other. He sends me signals every now and then that I am needed. I am grateful to him.

I’ve been watching Robert’s performances for years.

When someone invites me to a name day party at the weekend, he immediately calms down: we will follow the match. And yet I don’t set conditions that if they don’t let Robert go, I won’t come! If necessary, I discreetly look at the screen of my phone to check the result. He has earned himself such a position that he always plays from the beginning. In his first year at Dortmund, there was extra stress about whether he would sit on the bench. The first year in Munich was also stressful. Fortunately, for a long time I no longer look if he plays, only if he scores.

I have so many beautiful moments from my son’s career in my head that it’s hard for me to choose just one.
Polish Championship with Lech Poznań, successes in Borussia and Bayern, Euro 2016… He could have won the Champions League earlier. After all, in 2013 the final against Bayern was close. I flew to Wembley. I don’t remember the details, but that match was winnable.

Not long before, Borussia chased the Bavarians in the final of the German Cup. Anyway, I also went to the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, the stands were more yellow than red. After the game, Dortmund and Bayern fans went out for a beer together.

I would like to see similar pictures in Poland.


I am most nervous about national team matches.

Robert is having a lot of fun too. When we lose, questions arise immediately whether he did everything right. I am concerned about the mentality of some fans and journalists who like to find a scapegoat after a failed match. Robert in the frame is perceived as the one who moves mountains. It’s nice, but sometimes it backfires on him.

Before the first meeting at the world championships in Qatar, the son heard in a casual conversation: “Ochoa already knows how to shoot, so if it’s a penalty, don’t slow down as always, change something.” He actually changed the style of performing the eleven and didn’t use it. He was pissed at himself.

– Mom, what have I been up to?!

But then came the game against Arabia. The Mundial is not the matches of youngsters, where Robert would sometimes take the ball under his goal, drive across the pitch and shoot. A completely different scale of difficulty, especially when the opponent defends well. Every footballer knows that a goal scored for the national team weighs much more than for the club. All the more so the premiere goal at the World Cup was special for Robert. Tears immediately formed in his eyes.

I don’t remember my son being so moved on the pitch.

I still remember the dinner of footballers with their families from Qatar. Great idea. There was a lot of laughter, there was a great atmosphere in the band. I thought it would be like this until the end of the tournament, but oh well…

We have no control over some things.



I am very proud of Robert’s football achievements.

But what makes me most happy is that he is a husband, father and friend. I know what to expect from him. He’s never done anything I’m ashamed of. Despite the success, he did not go crazy, the soda water did not go to his head. He remained a modest guy and that’s the beauty of him.

Of course, it has changed over the years. matured. He is working on himself, constantly developing. He gains knowledge, learns languages. He could sit on the couch and ask. “Why do I need Spanish? I can speak German and English.” I saw him talking to Lionel Messi at some party recently. At the Ballon d’Or, Messi didn’t really want to converse in English and it’s hard to blame him, everyone prefers their mother tongue. So maybe they’ve switched to Spanish now? I have to ask Robert.

He is a wonderful, loving and understanding father.

Both he and Ania have great authority among children. But when Klara, who is more energetic, needs to be calmed down, there is a conversation with dad right away. During the World Cup in Qatar, she missed her a lot, so they connected via the Internet. “Clara, relax, dad is playing in the tournament and you have to support mom.” At home, it was completely different. When Robert and Milena broiled, the husband said:

– You’ll see when mom comes! To this day, I don’t know why he threatened the children with me!

When I look at my granddaughters, I see my son in them.

Klara is a little devil, all Robert! It’s full of it everywhere. She was drawn to sports from the very beginning. I remember we were walking on the beach and she fell. When I said she needed to learn the pads, she immediately threw herself into the sand! But Laura amazes me. A moment of inattention, I focus on Klara, and here Laura climbs the rope! I thought she would go into music, but they both fell in love with sports.

As parents, Ania and Robert are doing really well.


I admire that no matter what happens with Robert, he grits his teeth and plays at a high level. Just like during Euro 2016, when they lost a child. It was a very difficult moment.
They’ve been in the spotlight for years, and we’re a bit of a jealous nation sometimes. We like to tell the other what to do. As a teacher myself, I don’t have it easy at school. I’m retiring soon because the pressure is getting higher. “What are you working for?! You shouldn’t be anymore.”

And yet Ania and Robert face incomparably greater pressure on a daily basis.

My son always tells me: don’t read the comments. But he himself admits that in May 2021, before the last round of the Bundesliga, in which he broke Gerd Mueller’s record, he followed media reports.

“I started reading these stupid comments and they were sitting in the back of my head.”

Sure, when you’re successful, you have to deal with different opinions, you’re not going to suit everyone.

That’s the price of popularity. At the same time, it must be difficult:

Ania goes to Camp Nou, cheers and is happy, because that’s what it’s all about. And then someone criticizes her for taking her purse.

A bit sad.


The most beautiful thing about my son’s career is that he brings joy to the fans every year. It surprises you every season. There is no boredom with him.

Every now and then I read that it’s over. And then again: pop, two goals, critics silenced.

My biggest dream related to my son is a big success with the national team. I already have a scenario in my head: Robert scores in the qualifiers, we advance to Euro 2024 and then we play a very good tournament. If the top players don’t get injured and they’re all at Fernando Santos’ disposal, then I’m optimistic.

I would like Robert to be able to say in some time: I am leaving, but I am leaving young fry, soon we will be happy again with the team’s successes.

So that we have new Lewandowskis, Zielińskis and Szczęsny.

Another dream? Champions League win over Barcelona. Why not?

And for Mother’s Day, I will ask my son to keep his top scorer in La Liga. He would make his next big dream come true. So let’s add something else this season. I wish Mr. Karim Benzema the best. But recently he could prove himself in the semi-finals of the Champions League and did not score. Please wait for the next title.

I know my son very well, but he will surely surprise me with something.

He already has.

Robert with his mother, 2008 / photo: Anna Nowak / Newspix

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